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Thursday, March 12, 2009


i got a new dress. yep. thats right. and its pretty. yep. i dragged john shopping the other day cause i needed a new outfit. went into my favourite shop in lincoln, Blue Banana, and sasw this wicked dress. i fell in love. its the one in the pic but its not rey its red and the designs on it are black. and i bought these wicked heels in the same colour red. so of course once i had done that i needed to get matching red nailpolish and lipstick, obviously. i love my new outfit.

so i wana tell everyone- go out and buy a new dress, seriously. it will make u feel pretty and special. so do it. now. why are u still reading this? u should be out buying a dress! GO

love always,


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A Book Unfinished said...

awww i want a dress but i'm broke paying off my anime collection. i splurged on Fullmetal Alchemist the anime tv series. the ENTIRE collection...ahem 300 bucks later...BUT SO WORTH IT!!

i can assure you...its like howls moving castle...but more depressing *sighs happily*

dying to know who does the english voice of Edward....bunny?? do you know??

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