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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Skins season 3

so in proper skins tradition i have devoured all of season 3 within the space of 24 hours. i did the same with the original 2 seasons as well. its a force of habit. once i watch one i get addicted and need to keep watching and watching and watching.

now, like all skins fans, i face the big choice. the hard one. the decision.

which cast is better?

when it comes to characters i believe that the original cast is better. there are too many links between the characters cook and chris who have the same basic nature and fucked up family life, effy and tony who both share a confident need to control and manipulate the people around them, jj and sid who are the nerdy sidekicks until the ditch their best mate and take control, freddie and jal who both suffer immensely from the lack of a mother figure and struggle with whats left of their family with naomi also displaying jals intelligence and general angst towards the world and instead of a gay dancer, maxxie, we have a lesbian identical twin, emily.

the plot lines are fairly different, it centers mainly around sexual relationships rather then the aspects of the individual lives with the main plot line being about the love triangle existing between effy, cook and freddie after effy turned the boys friendship into a game with the prize being her and the result being 3 best friends getting completely fucked over cause of her actions. also the relationship between coming out lesbian emily and frightened naomi who share a strong bond which is frowned upon by emilys twin, katie.

season 3, however, does end on a much happier note then the previous seasons with a greater sense of conclusion to the stories that did not exist in season 1 when tony was hit by a bus and season 2 when sid went to search for cassie (who i FUCKING HATE).

yet despite the odd amount of similarities season 3 was still incrediably enjoying to watch. even though many of the plots are repeated it still carried it with a fresh attitude rather then being stale.

so i advise everyone to go out and watch season 3 skins. but be warned- it is addictive!

signing off,


characters from left to right:

JJ, Naomi, Emily, Katie, Cook, Effy, Freddie (um HOT much?), Pandora and Thomas


The Enigma said...

*covers eyes from reading*
I still haven't seen anything over season 1 yet!!!
The gay dancer is my favourite - i reckon he's pretty *blushes*
*runs away madly*

Helsinki said...

dude- EVERYONE is in love with maxxie. seriously- hes completely adorable. thank god the guy that plays him, Mitch Hewer *drools*, is straight so its alllll good.


The Enigma said...

Although you probably have more hope than me... after all, you guys are technically in the same country as one another :P

Helsinki said...

yes true we are... but i dont think my boyfriend would appreciate me shagging another guy- even one as incrediably hot as mitch hewer *drools*