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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Typhoon Jet

on thing you should know about where i live is that it is close to RAF bases so generally alot of the time you can hear the thunder of fighter jets racing across the sky. since the sky is mostly cloudy here all you get is the sounds but rarely the visual.

until now.

since the sun is shining, the clouds have dissapeared and spring has arrived you can now see this magnificent beasts at work and believe me they are STUNNING. i never thought i would ever see such dangerous weapons so close. due to our proximity to the bases alot of the students here have RAF parents. so what happened today? one of the fathers was at work (flying) and decided to fly a couple times over our rounders pitch during a game at only about 100feet. it was AWESOME.

and to complete the day i was entraced by the movements of a beautiful Typhoon jet, dancing its way across the sky. i watched it vertically ascend whilst spinning before doing a backwards loop and flying upside down. it was so amazing i created a diagram(a masterpiece on paint)to show what it was doing. such a large aircraft doing a delicate dance routine. it was utterly magnificent!

from an amazed,


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


okie doke. so this blog entry is a theory that i made up whilst watching 'The Last Stand' (aka X-Men 3) at gillys place one day. it randomly came to me so of course i had to shout it aloud and since gilly was, unfortunatly for her, next to me during this relevation she endured my biology rant about it. now she has tried to explain this to one of her friends, shanan, but he doesnt seem to understand her so HOPEFULLY this will make things a tad clearer for him. now the problem with this theory is it is a tad sciency so ill give u that basic background info for all those who hate biology before i go into the theory so bear with me here...

every human has a haploid chromosome cell number of 23 (with the exception of diseases like down syndrome where a 3rd chromosome number 21 is present). two of these chromosomes are the sex chromosomes XX in females and XY in males. still with me?

a persons sex is determined by what sex chromosome is passed on from the male to his offspring. the mother always passes an X chromosome over and the father either passes a Y making the child male or a X making it female.

heridetary diseases can be carried on either the X or the Y chromosome depending on the disease. if it is carried on the X chromosome then (depending on whether or not it is a dominant traite) can not take affect in the female as they have another X chromosome which could overrun the disease if it was a recessive one and the female offspring will become a carrier. however if, if the infected X chromosome is passed to a male offspring then he will display the disease as he has no other X chromosome to rule over it. though if the Y chromosome is infected it means that the disease is paternal (meaning passed through the father) and onle males will be infected as they inheriet the Y chromosome.

ok i hope i havent lost you in any of that. now hopefully i should be able to connect it without confusing you...

the most well known X-Men lore about the mutant gene comes down to this.

The mutant gene is passed on from the father.

which is, if you paid any attention to my paragraphs above, impossible due to the many FEMALE mutants. for a female to be a mutant it means that the disease is carried on the X chromosome and could either be from the mother OR from their fathers mother BUT IT IS DEFINATLY NOT A PATERNAL LINKED DISEASE AND IS NOT CARRIED FROM THE FATHER.


but the worst part of the entire thing is that x-men came out AFTER the discovers on human sex chromosomes! so silly.

anyway i think i have proven my point now. do you understand now shanan?!!!!

love from Helsinki

PS. the image i have enclosed is of my favourite marvel character, Tabitha Smith/Meltdown.

Monday, April 27, 2009

teenage angst

yep- its true. i have been recently bitten by the teenage angst bug. recently ive been geeting quite bitter about events that happened to me last year and ive been being an idiot and istead of forgetting them like i ususally do, ive been brooding over them. SO to let out my recent burst of teenage angst i have started writing a poem about the angst causeing events. Now i dont really like writitng poems. i more for the fictional story writing where i can create death scenes (im not THAT morbid- i just believe that you can tell a good author by how they write a death scene) but a poem is generally not my thing.

so im issuing an official warning to my readers that soon in the future i will post and angst filled poem for you. unless, of course, my angst dissapears before completetion.

all the love from my angst filled heart ridden with emotional bullets,


Saturday, April 25, 2009

in synch

me and gilly are completely in synch. seriously. i got an email from her the other day telling me how she dyed her hair. the exact same colour i dyed mine on the exact same day. creepy much? right this exact moment we are probably thinking the same thing... i think we might just know each other a bit TOO well. but in the good way. like not the creepy, i know how much she eats each meal way, but in the nice, i know what she eats as comfort food, kinda way.

so i just wanted to say, yo gilly, i love you cause your awesome and your half of me.



Friday, April 24, 2009

i finally understand...

so over the years i have gotten a lot of crap over my preference of jacob over edward. many will know my dislikes for edward (over protective, controlling, selfish etc.) but i never really understood why jacob appealed to me so much. until now, whilst re-reading the series, i finally understand.

it is because jacob is to bella what andy is to me. cept without the fighting aspect and the me being a complete idiot part. but the emotions are exactly the same. the strong connection. anyone who has seen andy and me together knows this. he is more then a little brother. he is everything to me. i love him so much. and i would go to any lengths to protect him. the same way bella loves jacob. so its clear to me now why i have such a liking for jacob.

andy=my everything

a content,


Thursday, April 23, 2009


yeh so one of my girls found my blog... NOT good. if anyone knows anyway of not having my blog appear under google when 'Madame S. Helsinki Black' is googled then please tell me cause id REALLY hate to have to censor my blog. ive already had to delete entries about ceertain inappropriate things. it would suck to have to get rid of more. MAJORLY. so please gimme so help here!!!

a worried,


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Premios Dardos Award

i wanna say a big thank you to Megan from 'Literary Life' who nominated me for the Premios Dardos awards. it makes me feel uber special to be considered for the award which goes to someone whose blogs relate to todays generation and such. im also sposed to nominate a further 5 blogs with the same theme but im yet to chose them, (i have in mind a couple but not 5) so im going to deliberate before i pose my nominations.

thanks to megan again,


Monday, April 13, 2009

Michael Butera

ok, so heres the low down, Michael is a frickin AWESOME singer- granted he doesnt sing my type of music but that doesnt deny how good at it he is. he can seriouly become australias next big thing if he gets support. his song, 'cannot wait' is seriously awesome. so what i want everyone to do as a favour to me is to listen to him and spread the word. tell everyone u can about him, visit his youtube to get his view up and subscribe to his videos, become a follower of his blog and add him on facebook and myspace.

please please please everyone do this for me cause you love me.

here are all the links u should visit:

thanks heaps guys and lots of love,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

JAM pic

so talking on msn the before and i demand that james draws me a picture under pain of capping. because of a mental blank on his part we did some soul searching and the end result was this wicked picture of him and me.

so once again, i pay tribute to the amazing artistic skills of Jam!

lots of love,


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

multiple messaging

you know u have too much time on ur hands if ur talking to on person via email, facebook chat, facebook photo comments, facebook wall comments, facebook mail and status updates. all to the same person. see this is the result of me and pat getting extremely bored via the internet. and it turned into a competition. see i reakon it was a draw cause whilst he had the last word, he was the first one to bail from the convo so its even. but it was suprisingly alot of fun to do. but that could just be cause we're both super competative.

anyway this war is not over...


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make Up R's

For me, there are 2 rules of makeup. The two R's. Revlon and Rimmel.

Revlon for all your foundation and mascara needs and Rimmel for all you eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick and nail polish needs. Litrally the only makeup i own is one of those 2 brands. But mainly Rimmel cause im a nail polish freak who changes the colour every day (my real nails are completely FUCKED but since they are always polished it doesnt matter) i have about 20 bottles or Rimmel nail polish cause they have this awesome bright coloured ranged (i own everything from it except the orange- for obvious reasons) plus a few from their 60 second range.

Anyway i just thought i would give a bit of promotion to my lovely make-up friends. go out and buy them. NOW.

Lots of love,