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Friday, April 24, 2009

i finally understand...

so over the years i have gotten a lot of crap over my preference of jacob over edward. many will know my dislikes for edward (over protective, controlling, selfish etc.) but i never really understood why jacob appealed to me so much. until now, whilst re-reading the series, i finally understand.

it is because jacob is to bella what andy is to me. cept without the fighting aspect and the me being a complete idiot part. but the emotions are exactly the same. the strong connection. anyone who has seen andy and me together knows this. he is more then a little brother. he is everything to me. i love him so much. and i would go to any lengths to protect him. the same way bella loves jacob. so its clear to me now why i have such a liking for jacob.

andy=my everything

a content,


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