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Saturday, April 25, 2009

in synch

me and gilly are completely in synch. seriously. i got an email from her the other day telling me how she dyed her hair. the exact same colour i dyed mine on the exact same day. creepy much? right this exact moment we are probably thinking the same thing... i think we might just know each other a bit TOO well. but in the good way. like not the creepy, i know how much she eats each meal way, but in the nice, i know what she eats as comfort food, kinda way.

so i just wanted to say, yo gilly, i love you cause your awesome and your half of me.




A Book Unfinished said...


we truly are in synch i was just thinking as reading "she better not be implying the creepy way" and you werent!! and you said it!!

we run together with everything. when i found out your aunt irma was visiting mine was that same week.

even if you're on the other side of the world we still run in synch with eachother.
currently craving yoghurt musili and you!!


Helsinki said...

my aunt irma? im confumused..... i dont HAVE an aunt irma. or was that the point?

gah to much for my head to comprehend this early!!!


A Book Unfinished said...

aunt irma is code for crimson river...the red carpet...etc etc etc

i got that line from the IT crowd...which i will tie you a chair and make you watch when you're home


Helsinki said...

GAH no you cant make me do it! NEVERRRRRR

actually i dont really mind- i just want the attention.