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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make Up R's

For me, there are 2 rules of makeup. The two R's. Revlon and Rimmel.

Revlon for all your foundation and mascara needs and Rimmel for all you eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick and nail polish needs. Litrally the only makeup i own is one of those 2 brands. But mainly Rimmel cause im a nail polish freak who changes the colour every day (my real nails are completely FUCKED but since they are always polished it doesnt matter) i have about 20 bottles or Rimmel nail polish cause they have this awesome bright coloured ranged (i own everything from it except the orange- for obvious reasons) plus a few from their 60 second range.

Anyway i just thought i would give a bit of promotion to my lovely make-up friends. go out and buy them. NOW.

Lots of love,



The Enigma said...

Hmm, i agree with you on everything except the eyeliner. Maybelline is the best one i've come across *nods*
But then again, i like my eyeliner smudgy and some don't...
I heard Mac is also very good - buh exceedingly expensive...

Now please, can you do a blog about this new tattoo you have??? I WANT TO SEE IT!!!! tell me all about it!!

Helsinki said...

ahahaha patience dear friend. i shall take a pic of it asap for u.

lots of love,