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Monday, April 27, 2009

teenage angst

yep- its true. i have been recently bitten by the teenage angst bug. recently ive been geeting quite bitter about events that happened to me last year and ive been being an idiot and istead of forgetting them like i ususally do, ive been brooding over them. SO to let out my recent burst of teenage angst i have started writing a poem about the angst causeing events. Now i dont really like writitng poems. i more for the fictional story writing where i can create death scenes (im not THAT morbid- i just believe that you can tell a good author by how they write a death scene) but a poem is generally not my thing.

so im issuing an official warning to my readers that soon in the future i will post and angst filled poem for you. unless, of course, my angst dissapears before completetion.

all the love from my angst filled heart ridden with emotional bullets,


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