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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Typhoon Jet

on thing you should know about where i live is that it is close to RAF bases so generally alot of the time you can hear the thunder of fighter jets racing across the sky. since the sky is mostly cloudy here all you get is the sounds but rarely the visual.

until now.

since the sun is shining, the clouds have dissapeared and spring has arrived you can now see this magnificent beasts at work and believe me they are STUNNING. i never thought i would ever see such dangerous weapons so close. due to our proximity to the bases alot of the students here have RAF parents. so what happened today? one of the fathers was at work (flying) and decided to fly a couple times over our rounders pitch during a game at only about 100feet. it was AWESOME.

and to complete the day i was entraced by the movements of a beautiful Typhoon jet, dancing its way across the sky. i watched it vertically ascend whilst spinning before doing a backwards loop and flying upside down. it was so amazing i created a diagram(a masterpiece on paint)to show what it was doing. such a large aircraft doing a delicate dance routine. it was utterly magnificent!

from an amazed,



The Enigma said...

your image of the plane made me smile - i marvel at your artistic talent :P
Now your going to have to get John to do that in his planes - go upside down and such... that'd be aweeeeesomeeeee!!!

A Book Unfinished said...

i am so jealous right now that must have been so amazing oooh i wish i was there!!!!!

damn you!! you! ^^

Helsinki said...

i reakon my artistic skills on paint are amazing thank you.

though i sincerly doubt that john could complete those meaunevers in his plane....


CEDRIC said...

i love your drawing! still better than ANYTHING i've ever done!