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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


okie doke. so this blog entry is a theory that i made up whilst watching 'The Last Stand' (aka X-Men 3) at gillys place one day. it randomly came to me so of course i had to shout it aloud and since gilly was, unfortunatly for her, next to me during this relevation she endured my biology rant about it. now she has tried to explain this to one of her friends, shanan, but he doesnt seem to understand her so HOPEFULLY this will make things a tad clearer for him. now the problem with this theory is it is a tad sciency so ill give u that basic background info for all those who hate biology before i go into the theory so bear with me here...

every human has a haploid chromosome cell number of 23 (with the exception of diseases like down syndrome where a 3rd chromosome number 21 is present). two of these chromosomes are the sex chromosomes XX in females and XY in males. still with me?

a persons sex is determined by what sex chromosome is passed on from the male to his offspring. the mother always passes an X chromosome over and the father either passes a Y making the child male or a X making it female.

heridetary diseases can be carried on either the X or the Y chromosome depending on the disease. if it is carried on the X chromosome then (depending on whether or not it is a dominant traite) can not take affect in the female as they have another X chromosome which could overrun the disease if it was a recessive one and the female offspring will become a carrier. however if, if the infected X chromosome is passed to a male offspring then he will display the disease as he has no other X chromosome to rule over it. though if the Y chromosome is infected it means that the disease is paternal (meaning passed through the father) and onle males will be infected as they inheriet the Y chromosome.

ok i hope i havent lost you in any of that. now hopefully i should be able to connect it without confusing you...

the most well known X-Men lore about the mutant gene comes down to this.

The mutant gene is passed on from the father.

which is, if you paid any attention to my paragraphs above, impossible due to the many FEMALE mutants. for a female to be a mutant it means that the disease is carried on the X chromosome and could either be from the mother OR from their fathers mother BUT IT IS DEFINATLY NOT A PATERNAL LINKED DISEASE AND IS NOT CARRIED FROM THE FATHER.


but the worst part of the entire thing is that x-men came out AFTER the discovers on human sex chromosomes! so silly.

anyway i think i have proven my point now. do you understand now shanan?!!!!

love from Helsinki

PS. the image i have enclosed is of my favourite marvel character, Tabitha Smith/Meltdown.


Shanan said...

/ˈfɪkʃən/ [fik-shuhn] –noun
1. Something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story
2. The act of feigning, inventing, or imagining.
3. An imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented.

Shanan said...

also stan lee is a personal friend of mine and i was only just able to talk him out of coming to your house while you were sleeping and rearranging your XX chromosomes and then messing up your pots and pans

A Book Unfinished said...

pfft you're an idiot shanan.

clearly, its more fun this way if you can kill the lore of x-men

thank you helsinki! love you!

Helsinki said...

one question? what the hell does the definition of fiction have to do with my argument? its completely off topic to the point that i was trying to make.

your an english student- next time you wanna try and break down my logic make it relevant to the discussion!


Helsinki said...

oh and by the way- how does one rearrange my XX chromosomes? for that to happen you would have to break me down into billions of single celled pieces, genetically alter my DNA to cease any chance of a reflection of my genetics, somehow work out a way of getting my sex cells OUT of my body and altering them before inserting them BACK into my body.

So im glad you didnt end up altering my XX chromosomes cause i really think you might have had some difficulty doing so.



A Book Unfinished said...


The Enigma said...

Woah!! Cool theory!!!
OKay okay okay, before i even BEGIN to make sense of this, i remember watching the special features of one of the x men dvds you gave me and the creator of the magazine ADMITTED the lameness of the hereditary thing, claiming that 'he kinda did the lazy thing and made it hereditary' or something. Hey, its a more realistic plotline than radioactive spider biting - to which, if someone WERE to be injected with radioactive chemicals, they would probably develop cancer. In one of the spiderman realms, thats actually how Mary Jane dies - from the radiation... so... thats just irony at its finest but ANYWAY! i go off topic.

I never knew the mutant gene passes from the father! I thought it was always the other way around because in the comics, they call the mutant gene the 'X-gene'
I thought it was because it was carried by the X chromosome

But anyway, i think it can still be explained (I'm probably going to be wrong because my only source of biology stems from year 9 science)
Needless if it is carried on the x or y chromosome, i still think that women can get the mutant gene from their fathers.
Its like why some people inherit diseases from the father's side but not the mothers side. Similarily, it would be carried on the x chromosome, not the y chromosome in order for this to be possible. To which is the only reason to why i have adopted my fathers hooked-like nose.
I've never heard of a disease being overrun in an individual because the individuals x chromosome adopted on the mothers side overrules it. I mean, females can catch diseases inherited from their fathers side of the family... Just because they have another x chromosome, i don't think it can be overrun (again, you're probably right because you've actually DONE biology... it just doesn't make sense to me is all...). But this is why, in the xmen universe, there are no xmen which are 'half mutant' - because the gene can't be overrun. Its dominant.
Your favourite website, lovely wikipedia confirms this:
'As required to be a species, mutants are both definitely distinguishable by their DNA and by definition cannot be only part or half mutant, as one either has the mutant gene or does not'

I agree with you. The mutant gene is not a parental linked disease. But i think the mutant gene is so dominant that no x chromosome could overrun it. After all, you can't have half-mutants in the xmen world... not that i've come across anyway...
Anyway, all this writing was probably a waste of space because your probably right and i'm probably wrong. I'm just uber confused about the overriding x chromosome thingy... :P
Haha! I'm so glad i didn't do biology!! This is making my brain hurt!!!!
love love love

Helsinki said...

for the X chromosome to be dominant would mean it would mean that no mutant could be bron from a non-mutant as they would have to have at least one parent with the gene (hence a mutant if we are going on your theory that it is dominatn) and x-men characters such as rogue and billy would not be able to exist. the entire marvel theory is a contradiction on itself so despite what it says its characters have proven that it is not, in fact, a dominant gene.

does what i just said make sense to you?


Helsinki said...

oh and by the war- over runs means that the gene in question is reccessive and dominated by the second female X chromosome- meaning we were talking about the same thing but using different words.

Helsinki said...

and no mutant would be half-mutant. when you have a recessive mutant gene it would not, in anyway, show in the phentype but merely the genotype therfore one would not display ANY chracteristics of the mutant and be completely normal.

The Enigma said...

okay... that makes sense.
So what i gather from all that is that the mutant gene is recessive.
But I was talking about this with my sister who has inherited endometriosis from my fathers side only. My mothers side shows NO signs of it whatsoever so it had to come from his side. You can look at this piece of info exactly like the mutant gene, couldn't you?
a. its recessive (i don't have endometriosis, neither does my other sister)
b. although it is a recessive gene, it came out in my sister and, like i said earlier, its entirely on the fathers side of the family.
So, considering that in our world, we daughters can inherit illness's from our father's genetics, could the same be in the marvel universe?
But by all means, correct me if i'm wrong. I'm just really interested, thas all... :-)
Hopefully i'm not annoying you or anything!!!

Helsinki said...

ok i am making the asumption that endometriosis is a sex linked disease and not present on any other chromosome:

for endometriosis to be recessive and be the phenotype of your sister then it would HAVE to be on your mothers side. the only way anything that is recessive can be a phenotype is if it is paired with another recessive chromosome. which means that you mother would have to be a carrier meaning she has one normal X chromosome (dominant) and one infected X chromosome (recessive) and for your sister to be infected it means (assuming it IS recessive) that you and your other sister are carriers as well.

see diagram:
NOTE: genotype is what the genes are
phenotype: the outward reflection of the genes

XA (normal chromosome)
Xa (infected chromsome)
Y (normal chromosome)

Your mothers genotype: XAXa
Her phenotype: completely normal
Your fathers genotype: XaY
His phenotype: infected


Xa [XAXa] [XaXa]
Y [XAY] [XaY]

so the only way for your sister to enhierit endometriosis which as you said is recessive (as the mutant gene) is for it to be on either side of the parents.

All that theory applies to the mutant gene as well and can be applied.

My conclusion however on the mutant gene is that it is neither dominant or recessive as the contradictions made within the comics dismiss it as being either.

IN SHORT marvel fails. hardcore.



Helsinki said...

oh an by the way- i forgot to mention that the only way to escape getting endometriosis present in your genes would be in you were a boy in which case u would have had a 50% chance of not getting it.


The Enigma said...

...oddly enough the above ACTUALLY made sense...
Except you lost be at punnet squares!!
But i get what your saying!
And so i have a solution that can make this all better:
We hunt down the creator, tie him to a chair, and interrogate WHY - WHY OH WHY DID HE DO THIS TO THE MARVAL WORLD!!!!!!!
sounds good, yes?

Helsinki said...

oooh i defianlty like that plan! can i cap him? ive always wanted to shoot someone in the kreecaps...


CEDRIC said...