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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Sith Lord

It has happened- Jarpi is complete and the birth of a new sketch book has happened.

The new sketch book has been named The Sith Lord. upon recieving my new sketchbook the name immediatly popped into my head and thus it was named.

i have great hopes for the future of The Sith Lord and hope that it will be even more awesome then its older brother Jarpi.

i will keep u all updated on the sketches happening within The Sith Lord.

off to go sketch,


Sunday, May 24, 2009


this is just a random post cause i know james is looking at pics of jarpi at the moment so i wanted to say




Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nitro Circus

got meself a new addiction. its called Nitro Circus. its produced by jeff tremaine, trip taylor and johnny knoxville and is set around a bunch of motorcross riders. the star of it is Travis Pastrana, the only guy ever to complete a double back flip on a motorbike.

centered mainly around an array of motorcross, paracuting and base jumping tricks, this show, beats jackass easily due to the amount of skill involved in their stunts.

would seriously recommend you all watch their stuff, or go to their website,

and enjoy the awesomeness!

love Helsinki

ps- girls, travis is MINE, hes the guy on the left in a red DC top (mainly, as close friends will notice, he reminds me of long time crush who lives down the street and skates...)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the mistake that is AUSTRALIA

have you ever thought about how Austrailia is the only non-third world country in the southern hemispere (with the exception of new zealand but we all know that they're just trying to copy austrialia anyway so THEY DONT COUNT).

such great interlectual musing came from watching 'the day after tomorrow' with hugo. we were laughing about how all the americans were bailing to mexico (bwhahahaha) and we realised just how odd australia is. then the analogy came to me.

australia is the child that mother nature wish she had aborted.

seriosly. its like nature decided to have one more normal child and fucked it up by producing australia (this all happened before those cool new test where u can see if the babies gunna be odd by taking a sample from the mothers uterus). mother nature popped australia out and was like 'oh shit- this ones not normal....'. well either that or australia was dropped at birth. we're not cool enough to be a super power but not screwed enough to be third world.

back to my point- australia seriously is forgotten. we are in no way a third world country yet compared to our older siblings, america and europe, we are nothing.

in short- australia has middle child syndrome. stuck in the middle of the superpoers and the third world country.

make no mistake- i am not dissing my country- it bloody rocks. im just merely stating how ANNOYING it is that no-body notices us.

love from,


Sunday, May 17, 2009

it happened again...

my knees hurt. my hands hurt. my left elbow hurts.

want to know why?

cause i fell over. again.

i was running and my right ankle turned in and i went face down on the ground. my friends are used to this. i will be walking along normall and suddenly they will look back and i will be on the floor.

so i ask- why does this happen to me? why am i constantly falling over? WHY AM I CRIPPLED?!!!

so if someone has an anser for me i would LOVE to know.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

entry 100

to CELEBRATE blog entry number 100 (WOW i know!) i have decided to use it to post random cat pics. a good use of an entry if u ask me...

so i was in the mood for a laugh and this was the result...



ps- cats truely are natures funniest animal


we all love the high-larius inspirational photos, complete with captions, that brighen our day. so i have, just for my readers decided to post some to make u hap hap happy!

Love from,


Friday, May 15, 2009

Howls Moving Castle

straight off the bat i will say that the movie is better.

the book centers around the character sophie, who is turned into an old woman by the evil witch of the waste and so, sets off to find a way to break her spell which leads her to the heart eater, Howl, and his moving castle. Howl is a horribly vain and non commital man who avoids anything unpleasent and spends most his time wasting money and chasing after girls hearts whom, once they have fallen in love with him, he ditches, leaving his fire demon, calsifer and his apprentice, michael, to deal with the broken girls. enter sophie, a gurmpy cleaner who makes a deal with calsifer to break his contract in return for him breaking hers.

however the MAIN differnces from the book to the movie are:
-sophie has two sisters
-there is no war going on
-howl actually comes from wales, not the magical land which the novel is set
-michael is 15 years old
-wizard suliman is actually a man and u dont meet him till the last few pages, though he is mentioned throughout the book
-the witch of the waste is beautiful
-the dog is actually a dog/man person
-howls castle looks like an actual castle

and theyre are quite a few more, but i cant remember them off the top of my head.

im off for now lovies!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


the world, and the people in it, have once again suprised me.

i have, after the longest seperation in 14 years, been reunited with my dearest darling Meeko.

and oh how i have missed him. john got me a teddy kitty which is called Knox which i sleep with every night but, as much as i love Knox, he is nothing compared to my Meeko, who has been there to cuddle me for so many years. just holding him today was magical. Meeko has a way of fitting perfectly into my arms. As soon as i got him i lay on my bed and cuddled him. it was awesome. <3

so now i give my thanks to the lovely Julianne, Cedrics mother, who dropped by school and gave me that along with a DVD from Torii (which was high-larius), a copy of 'Howls Moving Castle' from Gilly (which i am already half way though and have decdided that Howls a bit of a bastard), a photo of my sister, borther in law and me and a really cute little Willow Tree figurine with an 'i miss you' balloon(adorable). it made me feel uber LOVED to know that my friends are missing me as much as im missing them.

from a loved,


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


just thought i would spread the greenday loooove..

Know Your Enemy- Greenday
from their new album, 21st century breakdown.

JavaScript and Adobe Flash player are required to view this clip.



Sunday, May 10, 2009


i finally decided that i ought to show some of my sketches living in Jarpi so, instead of scanning them like i ought to have, i instead photographed them like the lazy ass i am :)

the year 8's here have been studying manga so i kinda got in the theme and did some sketches. the girl on the left is Henrietta from anime, Gunslinger Girls, an anime i got hooked on with Danni which resulted in us watching the first two seasons of it huddles on my bed with my dads laptop in one night. Go us!

i did a bit on chinese dragons after i had a random dream that Pat got one tattooed down his side. i have weird dreams....

for some reason i get nosebleeds quite frequently so theres bloody aids marks all over Jarpi...

these come from working with some music concepts for james.

for james again...

the picture on the right is pretty much the wings that johns having put on his back.

some butterfly designs for dearest gilly.

fiddling with snowflake designs cause im looking to get one on my foot as a memory of my first day here- it snowed like crazy :)

i LOVE stars. theyre uber fun to draw and they look WICKED!

for those that remember- this is a sketch of a necklace that mesa brought me back from france. i love it hardcore.

i did alot of work with roses as i want them added to my tattoo.

more roses...

more roses and other random stuff...

some star and flower designs and other random stuff...

rico from gunslinger girls and turnip head from howls moving castle (god howl is hot for an anime guy... especially with christian bales vioce...)

me experimenting with different femaly body proportions...left picture is FAIL.

me fiddling with comic expressions and such...nothing too thrilling!


love from,