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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hermione's hair

this is someting really small but really does annoy me hardcore-

has anyone else noticed how hermione's hair in harry potter has been deflating as each movie comes out? its has gone from the bushy style described in the book in the philosophers stone to being the almost perfect curls it is in the order of the peonix. thats next? straight hair? this is just an example of how the movies are destroying the little elements that make up the main characters.

i know its small but its been pissing me off hardcore.

i fully expect you to comment, torii.



CEDRIC said...


i agree so much! i was having a discussion with someone about that just the other day!

its shits me so much!

Megan said...

i never noticed it until you said it!
but its SO true!
look at those pics you put!
that is so annoying!

The Enigma said...

I disagree actually. I like this.
In Philosophers Stone, they emphasize how "brown and bushy" Hermione's hair is. This goes on for about the first three books. And then book 4 hits and something big happens to her.
The Yule ball.
Jk Rowling said herself that she wanted to make the Yule ball a kind of big transformation upon Hermione's part both physically and emotionally. She wanted the audience to realize that she has changed from her "bushy hair" days and has grown more. She's matured physically. That was the pivotal point in her outward appearance and emphasized her maturity (and also, she uses book 4 to mature her emotionally too as it is when it becomes blindly obvious that she has feelings for Ron).
After book 4, you don't really get any "busy hair" references of hermione... They are not as emphasized as they were in the earlier books. Or so i thought anyway. I didn't really notice them.
I feel that book four is when the emphasis on her appearance really died down and, because of this, everyone saw her in a different light (like victor krum, ron, etc). She grew up from her days of liking Gilderoy Lockhart!!!
I think its more realistic that Rowling does this and that the movie does this. I doubt any girl would keep the hair they had in year 7! Or at least, i wouldn't anyway! We all change, despite how much we want to believe we don't. Outward appearance can emphasize that sometimes. Through changing her hair, Hermione is more realistic in a way. I mean, if the film producers continued to have her at the age of 18 with unruly hair and buck teeth, i think it would distance the audience from relating to her in some way because the whole 'bushy hair thing' is rather stereotypical in a lot of respects.
So, basically what i mean is that as we get older, we all change - some of us, in appearance and by not representing that in the movies, i think would make the whole characterisation of Hermione, unrealistic as everyone must succumb to change in some form or another.
Sorry for the rant but if you put up a blog about ANYTHING relatively harry potter related, your guaranteed a big comment from me!

Helsinki said...

es but if you notice in the films the deflating occurs in the 3rd film, BEFORE the yule ball.


The Enigma said...

Yes, but not to the extent that it is in movies 4 and 5.
or at least, thats my opinion.
In movie three, its still quite boofy.
thats just my opinion. *blushes*

Helsinki said...

no way. her hair is the same from movie 3 onwards. google image it.


The Enigma said...

well, regardless to whether it is or isn't, i stand by what i said - i reckon its too stereotypical for her to have the same hair all the way through because its putting too much emphasis on her so called 'nerdy/know-it-all' qualities when, as the books progresses, she develops and matures to much more than that and that is emphasized through her change of physical appearance (which is also emphasized in the novel).
And also, like i said, i doubt anyone would keep the same hair they had when they were 12 so, in this way, they are being more realistic in a way.
Plus i like it because as the series progresses, the emphasis on Hermione's appearance dies down and doesn't become soo blindingly emphasized. If they kept hermione exactly how she was in book 1 (appearance wise) i think it would look as if they were trying too hard!! Through her progression to becoming mature, the movie (as well as the book) turns away from constantly emphasizing her hair. :-)

I just thought of something - writing the name 'Hermione' brings back memories for me because i remember when i was little, i used to try and figure out with my mates how her name was actually meant to be said! I always thought it was 'her-meee-own' lol!