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Friday, May 15, 2009

Howls Moving Castle

straight off the bat i will say that the movie is better.

the book centers around the character sophie, who is turned into an old woman by the evil witch of the waste and so, sets off to find a way to break her spell which leads her to the heart eater, Howl, and his moving castle. Howl is a horribly vain and non commital man who avoids anything unpleasent and spends most his time wasting money and chasing after girls hearts whom, once they have fallen in love with him, he ditches, leaving his fire demon, calsifer and his apprentice, michael, to deal with the broken girls. enter sophie, a gurmpy cleaner who makes a deal with calsifer to break his contract in return for him breaking hers.

however the MAIN differnces from the book to the movie are:
-sophie has two sisters
-there is no war going on
-howl actually comes from wales, not the magical land which the novel is set
-michael is 15 years old
-wizard suliman is actually a man and u dont meet him till the last few pages, though he is mentioned throughout the book
-the witch of the waste is beautiful
-the dog is actually a dog/man person
-howls castle looks like an actual castle

and theyre are quite a few more, but i cant remember them off the top of my head.

im off for now lovies!



A Book Unfinished said...

wow thats so dissapointing!
now i'm totally not buying the book anymore. i'll just snatch yours when you get home

fragile eternity came in the other day. *sighs happily*

the highways begin with seth and rabbit.
and not with howl anymore. pfft!

Helsinki said...

mmmmm set.... not somuch rabbit.... but DEFINATLY seth...