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Sunday, May 17, 2009

it happened again...

my knees hurt. my hands hurt. my left elbow hurts.

want to know why?

cause i fell over. again.

i was running and my right ankle turned in and i went face down on the ground. my friends are used to this. i will be walking along normall and suddenly they will look back and i will be on the floor.

so i ask- why does this happen to me? why am i constantly falling over? WHY AM I CRIPPLED?!!!

so if someone has an anser for me i would LOVE to know.



ngựa_đỏ said...

Hey! I do that too! Although... I haven't for ages, I just realised.
Maybe you have crappy shoes? I've heard crappy shoes can do that. (Used to happen when I played tennis sometimes, or in my high-tops)

Helsinki said...

it happens to me all the time. i think life just hates me. or i am some wacked experiment....


A Book Unfinished said...

its because you're a silly head deary

life finds you an amusement. face it, when the little lady with her bag full of groseries falls over-her potatoes go bouncing down the street- you piss yourself laughing. in time, you will be that older lady.

enjoy knowing that. at least you're not like me who got hit in the head with a football while your crush is watching you! CHYEAH! beat that!!

Helsinki said...

hmm true. cept every bloody time i do it infront of john he makes a smart ass comment. he said hes gunna make me a t-shirt with the word 'cripple' on the front.

and when im that old lady it wont be potatoes bouncing from my bag but kittens.


Anonymous said...

Could be ur ears!!

Usually cats have a very good sense of balance...

U should get a walking frame!!!! XD


Helsinki said...

a walking frame?! EW!

acutally maybe i could use it to beat you to a bloody pulp...