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Sunday, May 10, 2009


i finally decided that i ought to show some of my sketches living in Jarpi so, instead of scanning them like i ought to have, i instead photographed them like the lazy ass i am :)

the year 8's here have been studying manga so i kinda got in the theme and did some sketches. the girl on the left is Henrietta from anime, Gunslinger Girls, an anime i got hooked on with Danni which resulted in us watching the first two seasons of it huddles on my bed with my dads laptop in one night. Go us!

i did a bit on chinese dragons after i had a random dream that Pat got one tattooed down his side. i have weird dreams....

for some reason i get nosebleeds quite frequently so theres bloody aids marks all over Jarpi...

these come from working with some music concepts for james.

for james again...

the picture on the right is pretty much the wings that johns having put on his back.

some butterfly designs for dearest gilly.

fiddling with snowflake designs cause im looking to get one on my foot as a memory of my first day here- it snowed like crazy :)

i LOVE stars. theyre uber fun to draw and they look WICKED!

for those that remember- this is a sketch of a necklace that mesa brought me back from france. i love it hardcore.

i did alot of work with roses as i want them added to my tattoo.

more roses...

more roses and other random stuff...

some star and flower designs and other random stuff...

rico from gunslinger girls and turnip head from howls moving castle (god howl is hot for an anime guy... especially with christian bales vioce...)

me experimenting with different femaly body proportions...left picture is FAIL.

me fiddling with comic expressions and such...nothing too thrilling!


love from,



Megan said...

these are really good dear!
keep drawing!

CEDRIC said...

I love all of them! Your drawing has improved so much, Im not saying it wasnt good before, but WOW these are amazing!

Can you please design my tattoo...i want a libra sign! Well i want more than that, but thats all i can think of right now. I know that i definately want that, but Im not 100% sure bout some other ideas!


The Enigma said...

i reeeeeeeeeallly like this one drawing you did somewhere up there that had a lover heart and like, a branch or tree going through it. So much so, that i would seriously consider getting it as a tat!!!
I told my dad whilst watching miami ink that i'd love a tatoo. I think he replied with something along the lines of 'over my dead body'
To which i replied, 'no, it will be my body!'
You've really improved in perspective and proportion m'lady! Seriously! Your ready to go into business Madame S Helskini!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome barbed wire roses babeh. Good to see you've kept the Studio spirit alive and burning! Hahaha. Seriously though great sketches. They made me miss the old days :'(
Remember that birthday card we made Hannah? Funniest day ever.

- Mecha Mel

A Book Unfinished said...

i love the anotations. Ms. smith will be proud!! ^^

those butterflies look tres awesome spanku deary!

the rest of the sketches look sweet as! me likey!!

Anonymous said...


And I didnt know u drew anime as well! Coooooool XD

Hmmmm...ever tried to draw magic type stuff? =]]]]