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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Katies B'day

heres a late post to wish katie a


its a TAD late since i went out to celebrate it last saturday night. god that was a wicked ass night. to start it off katie (an awesome friend who has supported me heaps this year), mags (Magali, our lovely french teacher who has a wicked accent)and myself went out shopping in Lincoln where we bought Mags first pair of heels EVER (shes 34 years old... must be a french thing) and since i decided to bring my camera we ended up mucking around with sunglasses in Primark (a wicked cheap ass store) before bailing back to Katies for cocktails with some other mates and going to completely party our asses off and then, keeping with tradition, going on a late night maccas run. all in all a wicked night.

cept it seriously made me miss the nights i used to go out with mates back home. whether it was with gilly and tash when we'd chip in to pay an annyoingly large cab fee to run us each home or with lanna and danni where we all went back to lannas where we would wake up dayne before collapsing on the bed, all three of us and her dog, the dearest bella.

from a lethargic,


ps: the pictures from katies bday are on facebook- i tell you this cause there are some with john in them and i KNOW you have all been desperate to see what he looks like.

pps: in response to torii commenting on me writing a blog about topless men i have decided to add some pictures of my favoruite people topless (unfortuantly i couldnt find a front on picture of charisma carpenter so i had to make do) just for torii ;)


The Enigma said...

Ohh love...
i can't tell you how honoured i feel seeing those topless people...
It made my night.

Helsinki said...

yeh i thought it would... you perv you. ;D


CEDRIC said...

*melts* i love you!