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Thursday, May 14, 2009


the world, and the people in it, have once again suprised me.

i have, after the longest seperation in 14 years, been reunited with my dearest darling Meeko.

and oh how i have missed him. john got me a teddy kitty which is called Knox which i sleep with every night but, as much as i love Knox, he is nothing compared to my Meeko, who has been there to cuddle me for so many years. just holding him today was magical. Meeko has a way of fitting perfectly into my arms. As soon as i got him i lay on my bed and cuddled him. it was awesome. <3

so now i give my thanks to the lovely Julianne, Cedrics mother, who dropped by school and gave me that along with a DVD from Torii (which was high-larius), a copy of 'Howls Moving Castle' from Gilly (which i am already half way though and have decdided that Howls a bit of a bastard), a photo of my sister, borther in law and me and a really cute little Willow Tree figurine with an 'i miss you' balloon(adorable). it made me feel uber LOVED to know that my friends are missing me as much as im missing them.

from a loved,



CEDRIC said...

.....and THEY were the goodies! =D

A Book Unfinished said...

yaaay i love that dvd that tory made its so awesome. and yes i already burnt a copy for myself. so i can see your face whenever i like :D

:O my god hes a bastard!! tell me more!!!