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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the mistake that is AUSTRALIA

have you ever thought about how Austrailia is the only non-third world country in the southern hemispere (with the exception of new zealand but we all know that they're just trying to copy austrialia anyway so THEY DONT COUNT).

such great interlectual musing came from watching 'the day after tomorrow' with hugo. we were laughing about how all the americans were bailing to mexico (bwhahahaha) and we realised just how odd australia is. then the analogy came to me.

australia is the child that mother nature wish she had aborted.

seriosly. its like nature decided to have one more normal child and fucked it up by producing australia (this all happened before those cool new test where u can see if the babies gunna be odd by taking a sample from the mothers uterus). mother nature popped australia out and was like 'oh shit- this ones not normal....'. well either that or australia was dropped at birth. we're not cool enough to be a super power but not screwed enough to be third world.

back to my point- australia seriously is forgotten. we are in no way a third world country yet compared to our older siblings, america and europe, we are nothing.

in short- australia has middle child syndrome. stuck in the middle of the superpoers and the third world country.

make no mistake- i am not dissing my country- it bloody rocks. im just merely stating how ANNOYING it is that no-body notices us.

love from,



The Enigma said...

Hold on. Nobody notices Canada either!
And that (i think) is bigger than australia.
It's USA and Europe that are the big gahuna's
We're not the only forgotten country out there!!

Helsinki said...

YES i forgot about canada...whcih proves ur point!



A Book Unfinished said...

i just read this out to my class. to get their attention i screamed "*insert helsinkis real name* thinks australia has middle child syndrom" *people gather around the computer*

paul agree with you (publishing teacher) and finds it hilarious and unbelievable that a kid our age noticed that. i said that was very insulting. AND THEN DELICOUS BOY CAME IN

more on that in an email. but anyway, just letting you know that i read it out and the whole class (the whopping 3 of us) loved it :P

go australia!!
oh right and go...canada...chyeah

Helsinki said...

weeeeee now i feel uber special!

yeh im awesome :)

love you gilllllly,