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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nitro Circus

got meself a new addiction. its called Nitro Circus. its produced by jeff tremaine, trip taylor and johnny knoxville and is set around a bunch of motorcross riders. the star of it is Travis Pastrana, the only guy ever to complete a double back flip on a motorbike.

centered mainly around an array of motorcross, paracuting and base jumping tricks, this show, beats jackass easily due to the amount of skill involved in their stunts.

would seriously recommend you all watch their stuff, or go to their website,

and enjoy the awesomeness!

love Helsinki

ps- girls, travis is MINE, hes the guy on the left in a red DC top (mainly, as close friends will notice, he reminds me of long time crush who lives down the street and skates...)


A Book Unfinished said...

haha! ok fine he's yours. i will have to see all of them to decide which one i will put dibs on.

better than jackass?! what about viva la bam?! huh huh!? i betcha you cant say its better if i has bam in it.

this i gotta see. better than jackass! i still cant believe you said that

Helsinki said...

well nitro circus has bam and novak in an ep so it get spoint s for that.

viva la bam still beats it cause of the awesomeness of their stunts due to the amount of plotting behind them, but as a avid viewer of both VLB and jackass i am aware that the two shows are extrememly different. jackass is more pain related and short compared to the planning of bam. whereas nitro circus do stunts that require an immense amout of skill to pull off making them, i have decided, better then jackass but NOT better then VLB.

they, like australia, are the middle child.