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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


the only thing better then watching the nex X-Men film is when it has an amazing cast that is seriously drool worthy (Hugh Jackman, Taylor Kitsch and Ryan Reynolds) is when it has awesome explosions, lotsa violence and supernatural powers. all in all- my type of movie. however it was not aweosme enough to satisfy the needs of my boyfriend who, after the movie, chose to punish me by draggin me to an audi dealership and making me look at shitty cars (a decent car to me is one that would last in the bush, not get caught on the first fallen over tree) whilst he contemplates buying one. such an evil man.

anyway im off topic- what i wanted to discuss was the wickedness of Taylor Kitsch. for those who dont know, taylor is most famous for his role as Pogue Perry in the teen cult flick, the Covnenant. recently taylor has played the role of Gambit (also known as remy LeBeau) in Wolverine Origins. the main thing i wanted to discuss was the injustice done to all female/gay viewers who went to see that movie because-

he doesnt take his top off.

*shocked face*

i couldnt believe it. i was all ready for a hit of his gorgeous body- but it didnt come. i was mortified. it has seriously left me dissapointed. yes, granted hugh took his top off quite a fair bit but they have such different bodies. Hugh is masculine and bulky whilst Taylor is lean and defined (both are utterly beautiful).

so im done with my rant about topless guys (one of my favourite topics) and now i shall leave you be.



Megan said...

yay so wolverine was good?! it looks interesting but i haven't seen the other ones - do you think i'd still understand it?
haha yes car shopping=boring... lol

Helsinki said...

yeh you will be fine understanding it cause its set before all the other films in order to explain how wolverine came to be. its wicked. i loved it.

*hypnotises you* waaaaaaaatch it

LOVE Helsinki

Megan said...

hahaha i think i will!
*wanders blindly to the cinema*
you'd be missing all the free movies i bet!

Helsinki said...

HELL YES. i HATE paying for movies. it sucks and just feels so.. wrong. PLUS they have weird popcorn here. they have the normal buttersalt but they also have SWEET popcorn as well. i hate it. its all sugary.


Megan said...

popcorn isnt supposed to be sweet!
and yes i can imagine. i hate when things like that are no longer! its like, i've been getting it for free/cheap for years and suddenly i have to pay! :(

CEDRIC said...

NO TOPLESS TAYLOR!? it's a blooming outrage! *shakes fist at wolverine director*

A Book Unfinished said...

it is! what the hell. i'm so buying the convernant after just so i can get my fix!

The Enigma said...

trust you to write a blog about topless men.... :P

Helsinki said...

what? u mean theres other things to talk about other then topless men? how about topless women? god i would love to see liv tyler topless....