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Friday, June 12, 2009

Body Paint

As many of you know, my main art medium is body paint. why? you ask, because it makes art take a living, breathing form.

Whilst searching through the endless wonders of tony the laptop i came across my old body painting pictures. now, sadly, i am unable to do any more pieces as i am seperated from my treasure trove of paint which currently resides in melbourne, australia. so i have decided to remember the body painting days by posting some of my favourite images.

Now i know what your thinking- 'this freak helsinkis just posting these images to get attention on work she completed over 6 months ago yada yada yada...'

And you know what? your completely right. so give me some god damn attention and comment me.

'Scales' (my personal favourite)

'Clipped Wings'


'Crying for Freedom'

'Cry Me' (un-photoshopped version)

'Death Comes'

'Fly Away'

'Loves Close'

'More than you'

'Nature Lover'



'The Jester'


Megan said...

That's pretty awesome lovely!

Have you seen the book Paint A 'Licious: The Pain-Free Way to Achieving Your Naked Ambitions?

check it!x

A Book Unfinished said...

I always love looking through your pictures again ^^

my favourite one was the motobike one with hannah and maddy. they're tres sexy in that picture.

you should put all the dead people up. remember for my media movie :P
haha that was so fun...until some people got rashes because i stupidly mixed the acrilic paintbrushes with the facepaint paintbrushes *facepalm*

love love love

Helsinki said...

yeh ive got a book by that artist from gilly. shes pretty wicked.