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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

flaming bulls and unicorns

as im pretty sure ive mentioned, my new sketch book, The Sith Lord, is now in motion.

and to kick it off i have drawn, under instruction from Tom, raging bulls in fire and unicorns. now he assures me that these ideas are from a movie he watched when he was younger called the Last Unicorn (to be fair i did IMDB the movie just to make sure Tom wasnt insane) and it DOES exist and was made in like '82 so a far while before i was born. sadly, youtube is blocked as im back on the schools net, but ive done some digging and now im really intriuged in this movie. i really desperatly wanna see it!

if anyone HAS seen this movie then PLEASE comment me with details so i can learn MOAR.

thats enough from me! im sure u guys have better things to do with ur time then read about the inner thoughts of my mind!



A Book Unfinished said...

i'm always reading the inner thoughts of your mind whether i like to or not :P

The Enigma said...

"The Last Unicorn" - if i remember correctly, that was also a book (pretty sure it was a different plot line as it was a children's book). Hmmm...