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Sunday, June 7, 2009

i miss the snow!

ah lovely, an english summer. such lovely... RAIN. and RAIN. and RAIN. oh joy.

how i miss the snow. at least when it was snowing you could go outside and be all in wonder rather then just grumpy that you were getting wet. also in the lovely snow it gets so cold that the flakes dont melt when they hit you but rather stay as little bits of white fluff on your coat.

dont get me wrong, i love rain, but on a hot day when u can lie out in it without getting cold and hear it pounding on a tin roof and thunder crashing above and lightning streaking across the sky.

but that doesnt really happen here. it gets grey. it rains. how lovely....

come back snow!!!



A Book Unfinished said...

i love that photo...and yes i have already yoinked it and shown the whole family how pretty you look

the conversation went
"you know the whole point of the photo is the snow, yet you havent commented on that yet"
"snow? oh right. yeh thats pretty too...BUT LOOK AT HER!!!"


Pat H. said...

I really like the photo 2 =DD
It's like cinema with a k, which makes even less sense XP