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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

life questions....

I am in the mood to CHALLENGE you. to CONFUSE you. to MAKE YOU THINK.

and since this is my 111 blog entry- my favourite number cause its my b'day (1st of november) ive decided to make a deep entry...

so here are some questions, designed by me and the enigma to make u think about yourself and your beliefs...origianlly i left them without answers but i have decided to add little comments underneath them in case u overlook something about the question. NOTE: these may not be my beliefs.

1) if u were forced to make a choice on who to kill who would it be- ur best friend or 10 strangers?

is it possible to put a price on your best friends head? to you they would seem indispensable. yet if they really mean so much to you and yo to them would they not understand if you chose to kill them and would they not forgive you? for the 10 people you are kill are best friends to others. so it really comes down to who deserve pain more- you or the 10 people whose best friends you choose to kill?

2) would u individually strangle a school full of primary kids if u were told it would save your country? what if the kids u had to kill were from your country and needed to be killed in order to save iraq? (note: i choose iraq due to it being in recent war conflict and it is NOT a racist reference)

killing an entire school full of children is hard, especially when you have to individually strangle each one, but in doing so u are choosing to save and entire country full of school. it all comes the weighing of lives and whether a race does, in your mind, make a difference to whether a person deserves to live.

3) go on the theory that we learn from our history (it is a THEORY, not my personal belief) if given the chance would u go back and kill hitler, thus preventing the holocaust and killing of 6 million jews at risk that it could occur on a larger scale later on in history?

the concept that a person learns from their mistakes comes into play here. what would have happened if the holocaust did not occur? even though genocide has been repeated, even in australian culture through the stolen generation and in rwanda with the slaughtering of thousands of hutu's and tutsi's they were not on the same scale as that of the holocaust. yet had the holocaust not happened there could have been, for how many years and deaths would it have taken before man learned that it is morally wrong to smother out an entire race?

4) if you and your best friend were stuck in an airtight container with only enough air for one person would u sacrafice urself knowing that ur death will forever torment ur best friend?

if you kill yourself then your best friend has to spend the rest of their life in torment over how sacraficed yourself whilst you die, content with the glory of saving a life. would u condemn your friend to this or would u take the bullet and kill them ensuring a life of misery?

5) would u rather die in a horrid event or to live with the memories of the horrid event tormenting you

to die in a horrid event is freeing but limiting. to survive a horrid event is traumatic but liberating. which is better? or should i say which is worse?

i shall add more when i have time. enjoy meditating on these ones for now...



A Book Unfinished said...

oh dear this reminds me of camping with your dad and that book. those were the daaaaays!

Megan said...

Nice questions!
1)ten strangers. sorry kids, best friend takes the reigns!
2)Save your country from WHAT?!
3)Yes. You said "could" occur, so it might not!
5)To Die.

Steph said...

1) 10 strangers. Then probably myself.
2) No.
3) I'm going to go and kill Hitler RIGHT NOW.
4)It depends which best friend. Probably, yes.