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Friday, June 5, 2009

little black cats...

in the lovely village of woodhall spa where it live there is a single bank so if you need to take money out it has to be done at one of the 2 atms of this bank. currently, however, the atm machines are boarded up. what to know why?

cause some complete DOOSHBAG decided to try and steal them.

now tell me, if you need money why the HELL would you try and get it by attempting to RIP out a massively heavy hunk of metal from a solid brick wall completely PLASTERED with cameras. WHERE IS THE COMMON SENSE IN THAT?!

why wouldnt u rob a shop or a house or something? LOGIC PEOPLE!

so now if anyone wants money they have to go to the flaming co-op, but £5 worth of something to get cash out or to the post office.

i hate people so much.

but that wasnt really what i wanted to say. every friday katie and i wander down in our lunch break for ice creams (cause we're in love with this awesome cafe called Just Desserts) but we both needed money. so there we are strolling towards the post office when this ADORABLE little black cat steps out infront of us.

my reaction: KITTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! *runs towards it and starts stroking it*

so katie, noticing my distraction, pulls my up by my hood and drags me to the post office. however, whilst katie is talking to the lady in the post office, i randomly turn around AND THERE IS THE KITTY. IN THE POST OFFICE AT MY FEET. how CUTE is that?! so i drop down in the middle of the post office and start patting this little kitty whilst crooning to her, making a COMPLETE fool of myself but when a kitty is around it doesnt bother me until i get dragged away, once again by katie.

i want that kitty so bad! i wish i new her name... she was so sweet... *sniff*




A Book Unfinished said...

awww post office kitty sounds cute. maybe it will follow you home if you went back there. wat colour was it?

Helsinki said...

BLACK of course