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Monday, June 1, 2009

tent cake and tom

start of mid term. what better way to kick it off then cake and a party.

i started off my week of freedom by bailing to katies, where she, tim and i went to a friend of hers, Tom's, 22nd b'day. since tom is an avid camper katie had the awesome idea of creating a TENT CAKE.

this cake was AWESOME. we made it from chocolate cake, covered it in green icing (colour mixed by me) and iced on black ropes. it was, in short, one of the coolest cakes EVER.

so we arrived, me not even knowing the b'day boy, with a giant green tent cake. thank god tom liked the cake. but then bloody TIM went and stuffed up some of the icing (causeing me to slap him, it made to BEST noise) and i ended up climbing trees with tom in the woods near his house.

NOTE: i managed to climb trees, under influence, in a dress and wearing my shitty boots- WITHOUT FALLING ONCE. i think i deserve a round of applause for such an awesome effort. go me!

anyway im off for now!

ta ta



CEDRIC said...

More than an applause! A STANDING OVATION!

hehe love you!

Helsinki said...

YAY a standiong ovation! god im loved...