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Monday, June 1, 2009


sorry guys, i havent been able to get online for a while hence the lack of awesome blogs from me.

recent happenings in the world of Helsinki-

i broke up with my boyfriend. we still, however, remain steadfast friends which i dont think will change at all. i love him muchness so we'll be mates for a long time!


i have made a new revealation. you wont believe me when i say it. which is why it will be in AWESOME CAPITAL LETTERS.


no joke. absolute no joke. dont laugh. i am serious here. on the weekend i went to cub camp, which is for boys too young to be a scout where i helped a mate, katie, out in the kitchen (meaning a tent with a gas cooker), which went thru friday night, saturday and sunday. it was HELL fun. we cooked the food, helped organise the cubs, sunbathed, drank a lot, played twister on katies awesome twister towel and found that the best way to stay warm at night is to cram 4 people into a 3-man tent. so i advise people with younger siblings and such to make them go into scouts cause it SO AWESOMLY FUN.

i am seriously pissed my parentals deprived me of such an experience. i even have a patch to put on my camp fire blanket (when i get one) and a proper necker. as well as an invite to the next cub camp (which i am DEFINATLY going to).

i intend on attaching photos to this post when i have time,




CEDRIC said...

awww, we'll just go camping when you come back!

A Book Unfinished said...

"we cooked the food, helped organise the cubs, sunbathed, drank a lot..."

right there! the sunbathed thing...i thought you said sandbathed. and i was like "you bathed them in sand?!"
and right there! i knew i went crazy

i'm sending you an email soon!! much to discuss it would seem!!!!

miss you

Helsinki said...

i likey the idea of camping. sounds like muchness of le fun.

and yes gilly, we bathed them in SAND. :P

much to discuss? oh im intrested....


ngựa_đỏ said...

Aw, cub camp sounds hella fun! My brothers never put up with scouts long enough to become cubs, they never even got past Joeys D:
Go on more camps!
Your job sounds fun.