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Monday, June 22, 2009

the result of fans with too much time

when i get bored i tend to filter through the ninemsn entertainment section. and low and behold i found an article surrounding a rather intresting clip.

this clip was cut and pasted from seven seasons of buffy and the twilight movie to show a relationship between buffy and edward before a final showdown where only one survives. i was also severely insulted when they crossed, withing seconds, between different seasons of buffy and didnt show angels beautiful face.

but after watching it i had only one question; who the hell has time to make these kinda things?




A Book Unfinished said...

It's just like those fan trailers I really don't know how they can be bothered. Still though, pretty entertaining. The publisher I was talking to the other day was like "WE LOVE THOSE" and I'm like "err what? why!?" and she goes "if people find the time to do these trailers then they must have enjoyed the novel enough to view it that way. we love blogs, youtube and all those programs that promotes books in general"

Not that this promotes the books but yeah, I'm going to watch some more fan trailers now :P

Anonymous said...

Haha somebody called Kat wrote in to complain about this EXACT THING in the mx yesterday. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Anonymous said...

Also Connex and Yarra trams got sacked. Just thought you should know. For teh lulz.