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Monday, June 8, 2009

Review of 'Junk'

The novel 'Junk' written by Melvin Burgress is a novel about love, junk and the love of junk. Straight away you are introduced to the two main characters, Tar and Gemma.

Tar is an innocent boy caught between his parents war on each other and alcohol abuse. Frequently being beaten up by his father, Tar decides to run away from his life, leaving behind his girlfriend, Gemma. As a spoilt brat, Gemma has no idea how easy her life is and so believes her parents are horrid when they are just attempting to control her the best they can. She then follows Tar's lead and runs away to be with him, even though she doesn't love him like he loves her. Moving fro squat to squat, making new friends along the way. Going from drug to drug the two lovers develop a new love interest in shooting up...

This book in no way glorifies the taking of drugs but rather delivers the harshness of this world from multiple perspectives in a way that keeps you enthralled and amazed at the lengths people go to in order to score their next hit. Pity and wonder mix to give you an amazing, yet oddly disturbing novel that will hit you to the core. Be warned, this book does not give you a happy ending, for the lives lived in the novel can have no happiness.

I particularly found this book difficult to read as it hit too close to home but i was determined to complete it to know the ending. Still i encourage you to read it an decide for yourself.

dandelion, i love you,


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A Book Unfinished said...

wow that seems like an interesting story. it kind of reminds me of the story "Rave" but like, waaaaaay more extreme. i shall have to check it out!

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