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Monday, June 29, 2009

Riddles in the dark

Torii inspired this post, talking about lotr whilst im re-reading the hobbit, and some of my kids whom i was saying riddles to the other day whilst bored in the library.

and please for fucks sake dont google the answer cause that just spoils it.

i am a dragons tooth,
i tear cities down,
and make kings.
what am i?

what keys cant you put in a lock?

what do the rich need,
the poor have,
and the dead eat?

what has roots as no-body sees,
is taller then trees,
up, up it goes,
yet never grows?

thirty white horses on a red hill,
first the champ, then they clamp,
then they stand still.

voiceless it cries,
wingless flutters,
toothless bites,
mouthless mutters.

cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,
it lies behind stars and under hills,
and empty holes it fills,
it comes first and follows after,
ends life, kills laughter.

a box without hinges, keys or lid,
yet golden treasure inside is hid.

alive without breath, as cold as death,
never thirsty, ever drinking,
all in mail, never clinking.

this thing all things it devours,
birds, beasts, trees, flowers,
gnaws iron, bites steel,
grinds hard stone to meal,
slays kings, ruins towns,
and beats high mountains down.

this thing runs but never walks,
sometimes sings but never talks,
lacks arms but has hands,
lacks a head but has a face.

where would you find roads without cars,
forests without trees,
cities without houses?

i have no voice yet i speak to you,
i tell of all things in the world that people do,
i have leaves but i am not a tree,
i have pages but i am not royalty,
i have a spine and hinges but i am not a man or door,

it goes up but at the same time goes down,
up towards the sky and down towards the ground,
its present and past tense too,
come for a ride, just me and you.




The Enigma said...

This is gilly and tory here to delight you with our fantibulous answers to these questions of AWE!
1. War? ...Or war teeth?
2. PIANO KEYS!! (we got that one right)
3. Dirt....?
6. Wind?
7. The dark?
8. The mouth?
9. A dead camel
10. Fire
11. A clock...
12. The New York Times
13. A book!!
14. A Magic Carpet.... duh!

Helsinki said...

umm time to correct your homework dearest

1. NO
2. yes
3. NO
4. NO
5. yes
6. yes
7. yes
8. NO
9. NO
10. NO
11. yes
12. NO
13. yes
14. NO

nice effort girls but you still gotta work on some!


Pat H. said...

Ok here's my shot haha =P
I didnt google or look at other peoples answers! =]

1. death? lol
2. piano keys!
3. dirt.. haha
5. teeth weeee!
6. Love? bahhahh
7. OBLIVION!! Or the big bang... Lol!
8. Rib cage? lmao..
9. does mail mean chain mail exclusively lol? If not then is it a fish?? Lol i thought of chain mail and thought of scales XP
10. Time?? Either that or a big ass asteroid haha!
11. A clock!!! XP
12. Heaven? Hahah!
13. Boooooooooooooook =P
14. Karma??????? Lmao orrrrr rollercoaster lolll

There u go
all wrong probz hahah i tried!

Pat H. said...

Oooh! Number 10. could also be age! =P