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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sherlock and Watson

check it ouuuut, the new sherlock holmes movie is due to come out. reason im telling you this? cause its gunna be WICKED. not only does it have robert downey jnr as sherlock and jude law as watson but its directed by crime movie magician, guy ritchie. this film is gunna rock.

sherlock trades in the classic deer hunting hat for a more sophisticated look, with watson carrying a dangerous looking cane giving the movie a darker feel. ritchie, the amazing man behind films 'lock, stock and two smoking barrels', 'snatch' and 'rock n rolla' has a talent for creating intricate connecting plots that are both creative and humourous, making films that can appeal to almost any viewer. lets home his new film is as good as his previous hits!

an excited,


1 comment:

The Enigma said...

Ewwww... What? Jude law as Watson? I don't see that AT ALL!!
Stick to cliche romance films Jude...