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Sunday, June 21, 2009

wickenby and nettles

i have had an awesome weekend. i spent it at the wickenby wings and wheels show. for those who dont know, wickenby is an airfield and the one that john used to work out of so ive spent a fair bit of time there. the wings and wheels show is when they have stalls and food and vintage cars but more importantly- they have vintage planes. wicked spitfires and such. gorgeous pieces of flying material. they also had several displays of air acrobatics from gerald cooper, 8th best at aerial acrobatics in the world, who wowed the crowd with his amazing skills (hes a pretty nice bloke but its his wife whose awesome- shes aussi and always nice to chat to). i worked on the tombola stand which was pretty fun since i had a steady stream of coke coming my way.

but more on the later!

the other day i made a new enemy. this enemy is everywhere and hates me. this enemy is stinging nettle.

i first fought stinging nettle in the middle of a games lesson (the lesson where the kids train for interschool sports). i was happily spending the lesson grumping at the girls who were waiting in line to bat at rounders when one of the girls hit a backwards ball over the fence into the shrubs behind it. i then went to search for the ball, not paying attention to the plants i was sticking my hand into (tom taught me to recognise stinging nettle) and got stung all over my left arm. but that was just the first incident with stinging nettle.

the second occured the night of the wickenby wings and wheels weekend. it was a 40's themed dinner and i was wearing this awesome long red dress that i stole from the costume cupboard at work for the previous day (it was a film dress up day and i went as one of draculas brides) and since katie was working the bar the two of us acquired free drinks all night (SCOOORE!!!). towards the end of the night there was only a couple of us left and non of us were really with it. somehow i was handed a phone and told to talk (it turned out to be tom on the other line) and when i worked out who it was i left the hanger that the dinner was in to talk more privately. yet this is me so i managed to make it outside, walked around to the side of the hanger, tripped, fell down. then yelped as i realised i had fallen into stinging nettle. poor tom had to listen to me moan as my feet, legs, arms and face were stung.

and since the skin on top of my feet is the thinnest it is still stinging, even though its neem 12 hours since i fell.

to conclude, i hate stinging nettle. it is a bitch. die. die. die.

im off,



Megan said...

oh you poor thing!
stay away from it in future!

The Enigma said...

for a minute there i thought stinging nettle was the name of a person. So when you said that your enemy was stinging nettle, i had a picture in my head about a young british girl called nettle who carries a 'sting' to her or something...
But It was thoroughly entertaining to hear that you have turned into a plane junkie :) heh heh!
Hope stinging nettle is stinging less,