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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank you

Thank you mum,
for your unconditional love,
Thank for Jacquie,
for your support and understanding,
Thank you dad,
for always having a cheer me up lecture,
Thank you H,
for amazing me with random acts of love,
Thank you Paul,
for always making me laugh,
Thank you Tash,
for letting me know that out of sight doesnt mean out of mind,
Thank you Gilly,
for our 30 second fights and spoon hour,
Thank you Danni,
for being my trainee buddy at Hoyts and life,
Thank you Lanna,
for being my refuge and lending me clothes,
Thank you Torii,
for hours of philosophical talks,
Thank you Christian,
for loving against everyone's expectations,
Thank you Pat,
for always replying to my emails,
Thank you Hugo,
for showing me that you have to get to know a person,
Thank you Maddy,
for a lifetime of memories,
Thank you James,
for being my secret obsession,
Thank you Andy,
for letting me love and protect you,
Thank you Claire,
for ongoing support
Thank you Scott,
for so many hours of entertainment,
Thank you Christian B,
for smiley faces and love hearts,
Thank you Ness,
for showing me something new,
Thank you Kieran,
for always logging onto me,
Thank you John,
for showing me there's a child in everyone,
Thank you Katie,
for supporting me when i was alone,

And thank you Tom,
for showing me what it is like to be in love with someone.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

better then lotr?

whats better then lord of the rings?




Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shane Dawson

since ive been spending shit loads of my time youtube whoring ive managed to come across another gem from stalking swift karate chop.

let me introduce you to Shane Dawson.

now shane, like swifty, does alot of improv but also does many skits involving a character of his creation, homegirl Shaynana, as well as many collaborations with fellow youtube artists, including swifty. shane is a hot virgin, with two gorgeous kitties, muffin and snoop and a little corgi, miley, he dislikes sarah palin and enjoys mocking the jonas brother. all together an intresting personality. my only critism- he doesnt say penis or aids enough and is religious. but such traits are endurable for his happy and random nature :)

you can find shane with these links-

yeh soooo im done now.



FML stands for Fuck My Life and is a website where you can post all the shit things that happen to you on a daily basis. kinda like twitter for the unfortunate.

i recently found out about this website from watching a Shane Dawson (i will do an entry introducing you to shane at some point) youtube video (see link: ) where he re-enacts some on the entries.

now if you in a shit mood this website will make u feel SO much better. and for your entertainment i have decided to post some of my favourite recent entries for you :)

'Today, my family invited a bunch of their friends over for a party. At some point they decided to play some home videos from many years ago. In one of them, I was 7, I said, "Look Mommy! I can make my pee-pee bigger by doing this!" Everyone saw and laughed. FML'

'Today, I was supposed to hang out with the girl I like because she was leaving for the rest of the Summer. She had to cancel to go shopping with her grandma 'all day.' 1 o'clock, she comes online and tells me how much fun she had with this guy I really don't like. She forgot that she lied to me. FML'

'Today, I was at the mall with my friend when I saw my boyfriend in Victoria's Secret - with another girl. They were joking and laughing, and I was really pissed off. So I stormed into the store and slapped him. He looked up at me with an angry and confused expression. It wasn't my boyfriend. FML'

'Today, my little brother texted me informing me that our father has "become a nudist" since returning home from a month-long trip abroad. I thought he was joking or exaggerating, but when I went over to say hi, the first thing I saw upon walking through the door was my dad's droopy ball sac. FML'

'Today, I just got a new assignment for the moving company I work for. Two weeks ago my fiance dumped me and I moved out of the house. Almost all of the furniture was mine and it took forever. The new moving assignment I have is moving her new boyfriend into my old house. FML'

'Today, I was in an elevator with my dad and several strangers. When the elevator voice said, "going down," my dad excitedly said, "man, I love it when she says that!" loudly enough for everyone to hear. FML'

for more random happenings of shit go to




sup all, i am now on twitter, where i can piss more people off then on my blog. get constant updates on what im doing or who im doing...

so if youre on twitter then follow me

aids love,


Friday, July 24, 2009

Alice in wonderland

FINALLY the teaser trailer for ALice in Wonderland by the magnificent im burton has arrived to thrill us.

the film starring the fresh new face of mia wasikowska who hails from aaustralia as well as the classic faces of johnny depp, helena bonhem carter, anne hathaway and more!

anyway to see the trailer just click on the below link!



Thursday, July 23, 2009


for all you fellow eragon nerds out there marvel at the awesome new image artist Palancar has released to accompany the deluxe edition of Brisingr!

an image of a Lethrblaka.




Michael Butera NEW SONG

sup all!

mate of mine Michael Butera has a new song out called 'Use your Voice'.

please watch it or look for him on youtube and DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!

thanks a bunch guys!


The lake district

so my boyfriend and i are a bit odd. well i figure if you read my blog you would have gathered that im sometimes a fry short of a happy meal so its only natural im gunna be with a guy whose as weird as me. but we're happy in our crazyness.

well anywho, back to the crazyness- me and tom play basketball for forfeits. when i was in charge of deciding forfeits i came up with tom having to take me camping if id won. which i did. so camping ahoy!

enter the lake district.

the lake district is located up north of england and is, as the name suggests, has magnificent lakes and breathtaking hills (or as i was correcting by a laughing saleswomen), MOUNTAINS. (pffft maybe ONE of them was a mountain. the rest were hills. seriously. HILLS WOMAN. GET OVER IT)

so for two nights me and tom enjoyed the peace of being away. hell i was just happy that he trusted me to hold the knife. it made me feel powerful :D cept he wouldnt trust me with the lighter as well...

so after an AWESOME couple of days we came away with some photos (its ok, i went through and deleted all the dodgy ones of me which were generally me asleep- tom i WILL get u back for taking those photos) and many random quotes such as:

*helsinki trips on a rock*
tom-its a communist rock! its a RED ROCK!!!

tom- jesus christ on a bike!

tom- i need my keys!
helsinki- what? cheese?

helsinki- money makes the world go round.
tom- no it doesnt. axis do. and gravity.

helsinki- what are you? a ninja?
tom- um no.
helsinki- oh a terrorist then?



Buffy and Angel deaths

found this on youtube. it reminded me of how much i love this show even if it made me sad :(



Untitled poem

By the full moon mine true form is shown, by that true form a piece of freedom is felt,
But that truth that is show is so terrible and beautiful that i try with utmost strength of will to control thy nature,
Nature ironic a beast such as which burns in my very essence is called unnatural!
What is unnatural man's burning desire to destroy the unknown before it can affect them or the beast the dwells in mine heart and the hearts of countless others,
The cage i so wish to escape seems more then just iron clad wall with chains and heavy set pad locks, there is the cage of loneliness try to fine one who understands the nature of my unnatural life, find one not afraid to look and see what else there is in mine soul, past the beast and past the pain and rage,
When i find the one who can understand then to them i yeld and give fealty but shall never be tamed like his brethren.

a poem by T.Green.

love from


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Arts at Latrobe University

as many of you know next year i will be attending latrobe university to complete an arts course. for a long time i was convinced i didnt want to go uni but now the force of the future has hit me and i must accept that uni is the only way to guarentee a decent future for me. as much as i dont like the think about it if my tattooing dream fails at least i will have a degree to support me.

now according to latrobe their arts course description is that:

this course offers students more than the opportunity to become an expert in a particular field of knowledge: students learn how to handle complex bodies of information, to analyse and evaluate information, and to argue clearly, using the spoken and written word and work with a constructive openness and flexibility of mind. Employers value these qualities for their durability in a climate of rapid technological change.

The degree allows students to create a course that suits their own interests and needs. In addition to the wide range of studies in humanities and social sciences, students can include studies from other areas such as computer science, accounting or mathematics (provided all relevant selection criteria are satisfied).

now comes the hard choice for me. which classes to take? i can only take four and hopefully major in one yet there are so many i would love to take. the selection is as follows:

Melbourne (Bundoora): Aboriginal studies, anthropology, archaeology, art history, Asian studies, Australian studies, Chinese, cinema studies, English, European studies, French, gender, Greek studies, sexuality and diversity studies, history, Indonesian, international development, Italian studies, Japanese, Latin-American studies, legal studies, linguistics, media studies, modern Mediterranean studies, North American studies, peace studies, philosophy, politics, religion and spirituality studies, Sanskrit, sociology, Spanish, theatre and drama. Additional studies include AUSLAN, Catalan, Hindi and Portuguese

the ones that immediatly jump out at me are archaeology, art history, australian studiess, cinema studies, english, gender, sexuality and diversity studies, history, international development, north-american studies, peace studies, philosophy, religion and spirituality studies and sociology.

out of the list that i would LOVE to do i have narrowed it down to art history, cinema studies, gender, sexuality and diversity studies, history, philosophy and religion and spirituality studies.

so now i ask if your reading this and am either currently studying any of these subjects, you have studied one of these subjects or you know someone who has PLEASE comment on you opinions and give as much feedback possible so i can have a little help deciding!

thanks a bunch,


Friday, July 17, 2009

the 20th birthday portfolio

recently empire magazine created a portofolio of images taken recently as a celebration on film over the past 20 years. these images were taken with minor props and by Sarah Dunn to great effect. films included are 'the matrix', 'braveheart', 'jurassic park', 'the terminator', 'the bourne identity', 'lord of the rings', 'shaun of the dead', 'harry potter', 'silence of the lambs', 'minority report', 'zoolander' and more.

ive posted some of my favourites but if ud like to see the full portfolio then go to






hope you find them as wicked as me!


new Eclipse actor

yes it has happened, australian's have invaded the eclipse cast- good on us!

it has just been released that australian actor Xavier Samuel who has starred in films such as 'september', 'newcastle' and '2:37' will be playing the character of Riley, a new-born vampire made by villian Victoria, who in one of the last chapters has a deadly duel with a werewolf.

so i wish xavier the best of luck and hope that he represent australia well and is the next export from my beautiful country!



Sherlock Holmes trailer out

heads up y'all! the new sherlock holmes trailer is out and promises an amazing film to come!

starring robert downey jnr as sherlock with jude law, amy adams and mark strong co-starring.

all together and awesome cast and an promising awesome movie!

hope your getting as excited as me!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swift Karate Chop

yayness, for some reason on the holidays the blocking of youtube has been lifted *jumps up and down manically* so i have been spending manhy valuable hours youtube whoreing. however when on youtube, on particular person always captuers my attention.

Swift Karate Chop. also known as matthew brown.

now swifty can kinda be likened to mitchell davis- except hes much more intresting, much dirtier, much hotter and comes complete with a goregous southern accent from alabama.

now swiftys main stream is called 'ask swifty' where people email in the most random questions to be answered in as much a random fashion by swifty. all together it spells entertainment.

so next time your on youtube looking for a song or for a sex scene from a movie check of swifty on

hope u enjoy him as much as i do! that sentance kinda came out a tad dirty...


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Old images...

'Cry me'

'Just hold me'

'Guitar crypt'

'Trust me'




terms over. academic year is over. my kids are gone. my year 8 girl are gone forever.

and now im in a school full of silence.

and its creepy. as mmuch as im enjoying having the school to myself but to be here with no bells, no teachers yelling, no kids laughing.

and its unnatural. so much happiness, so much life, completely extinguished by a final bell leaving behind a mere building, devoid of the energy which makes it a school.

and my girls are gone. my brood who entrust me with making top flat their second home. the girls who have laughed, cried, spilled secrets and enjoyed life. the girls who have made what i do that bit more special.

how i miss them.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a beginning

7/8ths of his soul for undying love and respect.
his heart for a body
his undying love and respect for a key.

what does all this mean?

im in love.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

why so siruis?

upon checking my emails earlier today i realised i had recieved on from empire magazine to which i am subscribed, this then prompted me to surf their lovely website, coming cross fan made posters altered to fit a particular theme.

which made me find this, which left me laughing so hard that i scared tash.

hope it made you laugh as well!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


the god damn veroncias are infecting EVERYTHING.

not only did i have to put up witht heir horrid attempt at hardcore music but now they HAVE FOLLOWED ME ACROSS THE GLOBE.

can it get any worse? i tuned on TMF the other day and 'untouched' came on burning my ears.

those frickin anorexic skanky ass twins are ruining people with good music taste.


i think a time has come now where i have to admit that bam is no-where near as awesome as he used to be. i think its the old age getting to him....however it is fair to say that post-missy bam sucks in conparison to old bam. like say- jas anyone actually seen a recent skate vid of bam?

anyone else see the difference here in these pics between new bam (first image) and old bam (second image)?

lets us just be glad that ville will never be corrupted.

a pissed off,



i have become rather attached to a british soap. now ive never been the type to watch soaps as i loath cliches and crap but this particular soap has caught my attention.

why? you ask. what about this soap is so thrilling?

and the answer is this.

Nico Mirallegro.

complete emo yummyness.

so im sharing the love and saying google him, you wont be disappointed!

im off to watch Hollyoaks now...



ninjas. they are everywhere. they are in your home. they want to steal your souls.


*clap clap*



i found this image and posted it for torii and her awesome blog post about rock, paper, scissors.