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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Arts at Latrobe University

as many of you know next year i will be attending latrobe university to complete an arts course. for a long time i was convinced i didnt want to go uni but now the force of the future has hit me and i must accept that uni is the only way to guarentee a decent future for me. as much as i dont like the think about it if my tattooing dream fails at least i will have a degree to support me.

now according to latrobe their arts course description is that:

this course offers students more than the opportunity to become an expert in a particular field of knowledge: students learn how to handle complex bodies of information, to analyse and evaluate information, and to argue clearly, using the spoken and written word and work with a constructive openness and flexibility of mind. Employers value these qualities for their durability in a climate of rapid technological change.

The degree allows students to create a course that suits their own interests and needs. In addition to the wide range of studies in humanities and social sciences, students can include studies from other areas such as computer science, accounting or mathematics (provided all relevant selection criteria are satisfied).

now comes the hard choice for me. which classes to take? i can only take four and hopefully major in one yet there are so many i would love to take. the selection is as follows:

Melbourne (Bundoora): Aboriginal studies, anthropology, archaeology, art history, Asian studies, Australian studies, Chinese, cinema studies, English, European studies, French, gender, Greek studies, sexuality and diversity studies, history, Indonesian, international development, Italian studies, Japanese, Latin-American studies, legal studies, linguistics, media studies, modern Mediterranean studies, North American studies, peace studies, philosophy, politics, religion and spirituality studies, Sanskrit, sociology, Spanish, theatre and drama. Additional studies include AUSLAN, Catalan, Hindi and Portuguese

the ones that immediatly jump out at me are archaeology, art history, australian studiess, cinema studies, english, gender, sexuality and diversity studies, history, international development, north-american studies, peace studies, philosophy, religion and spirituality studies and sociology.

out of the list that i would LOVE to do i have narrowed it down to art history, cinema studies, gender, sexuality and diversity studies, history, philosophy and religion and spirituality studies.

so now i ask if your reading this and am either currently studying any of these subjects, you have studied one of these subjects or you know someone who has PLEASE comment on you opinions and give as much feedback possible so i can have a little help deciding!

thanks a bunch,



The Enigma said...

Ultimately the decision is yours my dear, but from what i know, i wouldn't pick archaeology. Dani (art Dani) did La Trobe archaeology and dropped it within the first 3 weeks. Very boring stuff. It SOUNDS interesting but its DECEIVING!! You just talk about the different ways to dig up shit.
Really? You like art history? From our year 12 art classes, i got the impression that when we did theory, you weren't really intrigued by it...
Everyone I know at Deakin LOVES cinema studies - you basically analyze films all day... Don't know how the la trobe one is but i'm thinking of picking it up at deakin next semester. Its essentially like yr 12 media i think
As a person who is doing philosophy, i personally wouldn't recommend it, but its up to you. Again, its something that SOUNDS interesting but its really a bit draining and pointless really. There are no cool questions that they ask you like the ones that we asked each other in English. Its all about learning about what different philosophers thought and reading their work, learning quotations and theories, etc. Then again, i will say that it does open your mind to different points of view in the world and opens your mind in seeing things in different ways.
Out of everything, i can really see you doing: cinema studies, gender, sexuality and diversity studies and def history
Again, this is YOUR choice so you needs to do some sleuthing and find out what course is right for you :)

Anonymous said...

DO NOT choose Philosophy: Critical Thinking, unless you want an easy A in a subject that makes no logical sense (despite masquerading as logic).

HIS1MEA (Modern European History) was equally awful - mostly group work (NEVER A GOOD THING), and taught by lecturers who were completely devoid of charisma. I would dissuade anyone from taking it, no matter how tempting the title sounds.

Legal Studies: Law and Society was actually really interesting, nothing like the VCE version - more about putting law in a social context and looking at case studies.

I personally most enjoyed POL1SNS, though it did require a lot of work.

Ultimately, though, just pick whatever most appeals to you (except HIS1MEA, stay well clear of that sorry excuse for a subject).