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Saturday, July 25, 2009


FML stands for Fuck My Life and is a website where you can post all the shit things that happen to you on a daily basis. kinda like twitter for the unfortunate.

i recently found out about this website from watching a Shane Dawson (i will do an entry introducing you to shane at some point) youtube video (see link: ) where he re-enacts some on the entries.

now if you in a shit mood this website will make u feel SO much better. and for your entertainment i have decided to post some of my favourite recent entries for you :)

'Today, my family invited a bunch of their friends over for a party. At some point they decided to play some home videos from many years ago. In one of them, I was 7, I said, "Look Mommy! I can make my pee-pee bigger by doing this!" Everyone saw and laughed. FML'

'Today, I was supposed to hang out with the girl I like because she was leaving for the rest of the Summer. She had to cancel to go shopping with her grandma 'all day.' 1 o'clock, she comes online and tells me how much fun she had with this guy I really don't like. She forgot that she lied to me. FML'

'Today, I was at the mall with my friend when I saw my boyfriend in Victoria's Secret - with another girl. They were joking and laughing, and I was really pissed off. So I stormed into the store and slapped him. He looked up at me with an angry and confused expression. It wasn't my boyfriend. FML'

'Today, my little brother texted me informing me that our father has "become a nudist" since returning home from a month-long trip abroad. I thought he was joking or exaggerating, but when I went over to say hi, the first thing I saw upon walking through the door was my dad's droopy ball sac. FML'

'Today, I just got a new assignment for the moving company I work for. Two weeks ago my fiance dumped me and I moved out of the house. Almost all of the furniture was mine and it took forever. The new moving assignment I have is moving her new boyfriend into my old house. FML'

'Today, I was in an elevator with my dad and several strangers. When the elevator voice said, "going down," my dad excitedly said, "man, I love it when she says that!" loudly enough for everyone to hear. FML'

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