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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The lake district

so my boyfriend and i are a bit odd. well i figure if you read my blog you would have gathered that im sometimes a fry short of a happy meal so its only natural im gunna be with a guy whose as weird as me. but we're happy in our crazyness.

well anywho, back to the crazyness- me and tom play basketball for forfeits. when i was in charge of deciding forfeits i came up with tom having to take me camping if id won. which i did. so camping ahoy!

enter the lake district.

the lake district is located up north of england and is, as the name suggests, has magnificent lakes and breathtaking hills (or as i was correcting by a laughing saleswomen), MOUNTAINS. (pffft maybe ONE of them was a mountain. the rest were hills. seriously. HILLS WOMAN. GET OVER IT)

so for two nights me and tom enjoyed the peace of being away. hell i was just happy that he trusted me to hold the knife. it made me feel powerful :D cept he wouldnt trust me with the lighter as well...

so after an AWESOME couple of days we came away with some photos (its ok, i went through and deleted all the dodgy ones of me which were generally me asleep- tom i WILL get u back for taking those photos) and many random quotes such as:

*helsinki trips on a rock*
tom-its a communist rock! its a RED ROCK!!!

tom- jesus christ on a bike!

tom- i need my keys!
helsinki- what? cheese?

helsinki- money makes the world go round.
tom- no it doesnt. axis do. and gravity.

helsinki- what are you? a ninja?
tom- um no.
helsinki- oh a terrorist then?



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