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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shane Dawson

since ive been spending shit loads of my time youtube whoring ive managed to come across another gem from stalking swift karate chop.

let me introduce you to Shane Dawson.

now shane, like swifty, does alot of improv but also does many skits involving a character of his creation, homegirl Shaynana, as well as many collaborations with fellow youtube artists, including swifty. shane is a hot virgin, with two gorgeous kitties, muffin and snoop and a little corgi, miley, he dislikes sarah palin and enjoys mocking the jonas brother. all together an intresting personality. my only critism- he doesnt say penis or aids enough and is religious. but such traits are endurable for his happy and random nature :)

you can find shane with these links-

yeh soooo im done now.


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