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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swift Karate Chop

yayness, for some reason on the holidays the blocking of youtube has been lifted *jumps up and down manically* so i have been spending manhy valuable hours youtube whoreing. however when on youtube, on particular person always captuers my attention.

Swift Karate Chop. also known as matthew brown.

now swifty can kinda be likened to mitchell davis- except hes much more intresting, much dirtier, much hotter and comes complete with a goregous southern accent from alabama.

now swiftys main stream is called 'ask swifty' where people email in the most random questions to be answered in as much a random fashion by swifty. all together it spells entertainment.

so next time your on youtube looking for a song or for a sex scene from a movie check of swifty on

hope u enjoy him as much as i do! that sentance kinda came out a tad dirty...


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