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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank you

Thank you mum,
for your unconditional love,
Thank for Jacquie,
for your support and understanding,
Thank you dad,
for always having a cheer me up lecture,
Thank you H,
for amazing me with random acts of love,
Thank you Paul,
for always making me laugh,
Thank you Tash,
for letting me know that out of sight doesnt mean out of mind,
Thank you Gilly,
for our 30 second fights and spoon hour,
Thank you Danni,
for being my trainee buddy at Hoyts and life,
Thank you Lanna,
for being my refuge and lending me clothes,
Thank you Torii,
for hours of philosophical talks,
Thank you Christian,
for loving against everyone's expectations,
Thank you Pat,
for always replying to my emails,
Thank you Hugo,
for showing me that you have to get to know a person,
Thank you Maddy,
for a lifetime of memories,
Thank you James,
for being my secret obsession,
Thank you Andy,
for letting me love and protect you,
Thank you Claire,
for ongoing support
Thank you Scott,
for so many hours of entertainment,
Thank you Christian B,
for smiley faces and love hearts,
Thank you Ness,
for showing me something new,
Thank you Kieran,
for always logging onto me,
Thank you John,
for showing me there's a child in everyone,
Thank you Katie,
for supporting me when i was alone,

And thank you Tom,
for showing me what it is like to be in love with someone.


CEDRIC said...


The Enigma said...
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Helsinki said...

that you torii for you lovely comment.


it had to be deleted due to you using my real name in it. u silly head.