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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Untitled poem

By the full moon mine true form is shown, by that true form a piece of freedom is felt,
But that truth that is show is so terrible and beautiful that i try with utmost strength of will to control thy nature,
Nature ironic a beast such as which burns in my very essence is called unnatural!
What is unnatural man's burning desire to destroy the unknown before it can affect them or the beast the dwells in mine heart and the hearts of countless others,
The cage i so wish to escape seems more then just iron clad wall with chains and heavy set pad locks, there is the cage of loneliness try to fine one who understands the nature of my unnatural life, find one not afraid to look and see what else there is in mine soul, past the beast and past the pain and rage,
When i find the one who can understand then to them i yeld and give fealty but shall never be tamed like his brethren.

a poem by T.Green.

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