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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bath and Wales

hey hey there!

so heres some more info on my lovely adventures...

from london me and the family got on a bus tour that took us round the UK. first stop, stonehenge. my first question on that- what the hell makes something a henge? like did a person come round and go 'oohhh this looks henge like!' or something?!

then we travelled on to bath, home of the roman baths as well as jane austen. that was fair fun due to all the history aspect of it all.

anyway after that we all hopped back on the bus and got ready for more driving to our next destination: wales. so other than getting really annoyed about how confusing welsh is to look at (i say look cause there was no chance in hell i could read it) we had an intresting night with all of us sitting in mum, dads and my room watching anchor man. god, we are awesome. the next day, onwards to ireland!!!

highlights from wales:

-meeting shitloads of americans on our tour
-falling over infront of heaps of people at stonehenge then convincing my mother that my clumsiness is not new, ive had it all my life
-getting a new bracelet to add to my collection
-watching anchor man (best movie ever)

adventures in ireland coming soon!



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