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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fiddly dee potatoes. IRELAND.

So when you think about ireland one of the first things to spring to mind is guiness. So whilst chilling out in ireland me and the family went on a guiness tour 3wich happened to coinside with the 250th anniversary of the drink, to that very day. Lucky us! So after a brief tour of the guiness factory and a complementary drink (i chose lemonade instead of guiness cause i cant stand the stuff) we settled down for a awesome ass meal (i did at tis point have some guiness just for the sake of it before being ushered out and bused back to our hotel.

Our hotel was fair nice. We where on the bottom floor and had 3 belconies off our room plus a nice big tv and free internet which allowed me to abuse facebook. And update my blog of course. Now, due to lack of internet i am sitting on the bus typing this entry into a word document which i will paste on blogger cause i dont wanna forget anything.

The only one annoying thing about dublin is that its in southern ireland which means that its not part of the UK. To me that means euros, not pounds and much more expensive text messages. The result of this? I have no money and cant even complain about it to my boyfriend.

Highlights of Dublin:
-watching mums face as she had some guiness, bloody priceless!
-paul overflowing the sink in the hotel bathroom whilst soaking his stained shirt
-me wondering why people where looking at me oddly until i realised i was in one of the most catholic countries in the world and wearing my big pentagram earrings. Oops.

Okie doke time for me to try and nap now, though im highly doubtful i will be able to on this cursed bus,


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