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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


now i, like many others, enjoy gaming. half-life, counter strike, unreal tournament and doom are just some examples of popular games which thrive on an audience wanting danger, adventure but most importantly, violence. though despite how good graphics get it will still always be, merely a game.

new movie, entitled 'gamer' suggests otherwise.

'Gamer' is set in the future where the world of online gaming has taken a new concept. instead of creating a character to control in dangerous situations you control a live human being who is forced to bend to your will.

so if you lose the game, someone loses their life...

starring the ever so awesome gerald butler with music by marilyn manson on the soundtrack, 'gamer' promises to be the next big action movie.

heres the link for you to check out:

enjoy bitches!


1 comment:

The Enigma said...

interesting concept.
Although what masochistic person would agree to play the role of a character whose a real life person when they know that most of them die anyway? Seems a bit warped in yea ol' noggin.