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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


ahoy hoy there,

next stop for us was ireland! after bailing waled via a ferry we reached the old viking town of waterford, home of the famous waterford crystal. upon arriving we were all pretty buggered so sleep was welcome.

the next morning we got up and had a brief walking tour with an awesome guide (a hell of better guide then our main tour one) who made us laugh and even entertained us via roll play. then afte4r the tour we all climbed on the bus excited about going to the waterford crystal factory (jacs especially) to be told by our fuck head guide that it was closed down. GRRRR much?

so from there we contiued our way to dublin, stopping at the irish stud on the way, the stud being where they train award winning horses. upon arriving at our seaside hotel in dublin we ate, then slept.

the next day we got up and went into the city to see the book of kells and explore. mum bought me a new claddah ring, a nice big one to replace my old broken one, as well as one for herself and jacs, though theres were identical and smaller, more delicate.

after that we went on a tour of the guiness factory where we saw how its made and brewed and such and afterwards a free drink (i chose NOT to have guiness since its FERAL tasting) in the gravity bar, a circular room 7 stories high with glass walls before a lovely meal below.

highlights of ireland:

-pauls face as he was used in the roleplay and told jacs character had 22 kids :D
-getting my awesome new ring
-seeing the magnificent library in trinity college
-jacs getting some waterford crystal
-mums face as she tried guiness and completely hated it!!!

adventures from my next destination, scotland to come!



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