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Saturday, August 22, 2009

kilt land. SCOTLANDDDD

nwards to scotland! Travelling up through belfast whilst listening tol baelic music and looking at the masses of beautiful purple heather we made our way to our ferry, an uber fast one that pumps out the same amount of water in a minute as niagra falls does in a second. Annoying ther ferry was delayed about 40 mins which made us late for our evening activity which was a traditional scottish evening. Anyways, we got our asses to this evening do which turned out to be hell fun. The dancing was amazing, as was the singing, and i even found the bagpipes endurable! But the most important part of the evening was the ceremony of the haggis.

Yes, i ate haggis.

And it actually didnt taste half bad and OH MY GOD I JUST SAW THE CUTEST PUPPY!!!

...sorry. Im writing this on the bus as i leave scotland and we just stopped on the boarder and there was an adorable puppy....BUT more on that next entry.

Back to scotland now...

so after the evening i bailed back to the hotel whilst mum and dad went for walkies and attempted to call tom. This however was hahd since i had no reception in my room which ment i was exiled to the stairwell. By now i was fair pissed cause i was looking forward to a warm bath and a long convo with my boyfriend but instead had a cold stiarwell and a brief greeting :(

but the next day i awoke hopeful of a fun day. We had a brief bus tour with a scottish man who gave us the low down on everything which was fair intresting. Then we were released to the beautiful city of edinburgh to explore. After brief shopping i bailed back to the hotel and slept for a couple hours before going to the military tattoo performance which was HELL awesome. Taking place outfront edinburgh castle there were fireworks, hundreds of of bagpipes, dancers, drum sitcks with lights in them and drumsticks on FIRE. Awesome much?!

Then to top off the night i got to talk to my boyfriend which was great cause i was missing him muchly.

Okie doke more for you guys later!


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