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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


hello kiddos,

sorry for the lack of posting, ive been travelling around the uk as you all know. heres an update on my adventures...

it started with tom driving me to heathrow to meet my dad and brother in law, paul upon their arrival. dad was due to arrive at 5.55AM and paul 6.40AM (they were on different flights cause they flew different companies) however, pauls flight was delayed 4 hours and my dad was clueless. hence an immediate fuck up in tom and my plans. so paul and i decided that tom and i would pick dad up, take him to the hotel and paul would get his own ass there. so my awesome boyfriend drove me through the wee hours of the morning with no sleep after a 6 our shift to pick my dad up. we then waited and hour and a half for my dad to arrive to find out he was came out of a different terminal and hour previosly. oh joy. we then navigated our way out of heathrow and into london where we arrived at our hotel but because of the early hour, were unable to check in. so it was hello hyde park but more importantly...


they are so 'naaaaaaaaaaw' worthy creatures. plus tom promised to get me one. so after many hours in hyde park we met up with paul and all was well.

adventures in london include-

-me lying in four major parks; hyde park, st.james park, green park and the one next to big ben
-paul and i having a waterfight and getting soaked in the gardens next to big ben
-jacs,my sister, and i cramming into a urine smelling telephone booth
-buying two mangoes as a random object for a bet
-being dubbed by tom 'the squirrel lady'
-squeezing all our luggage plus jacs plus paul plus me into a black cab
-having mum tear up when i gave her a goodnight kiss
-being able to bail at the end of each night into toms arms :)

yeh so thats the shizz on london. more adventures next post!



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