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Thursday, August 27, 2009

PARIS: montmatre


So today was our bumming around day. We slept in, which was awesome, then went make-up shopping where I got me a new mascara, a wicked sparkly blue eyeliner and an awesome lipgloss called Eric. Now most people know I like to name my possessions so its natural for you to assume I named my lipgloss Eric. But suprisingly I didn't. This chain of lipgloss by brand Urban Decay names each colour not by some cheesy cliche like 'summer berries' and crap but by the name of the hot guy on the lid. The lids are quite big and have holograms on it which changes from Eric dressed in a suit to Eric in underwear. The front has his gorgeous abs, the back has his gorgeous ass.

All together I like Eric.

Anyway, after the shopping we went up to Sacre Couer, in Montmatre, which was ok fun. I got a pretty set of kitty earrings :) then we quickly went and showed Jac and Paul the Moulin Rouge (WAY less impressive in real life then in the movie).

Now i'm about to eat, shower, sleep. Possibly talk to Tom somewhere amoungst that.

Ta ta dearies,


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