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Thursday, August 27, 2009


So we arrived on the eurostar in paris then went straight to the hotel. The others went walkies whilst i enjoyed some needed quiet time. Sleep was seriously welcome! Then the next day...

HELLO EIFFEL TOWER! So we got up uber early and went to the Eiffel tower cause jacs wanted to climb it without crowds. Well there wasnt any real crowds which was fair awesome cause it meant we could really enjoy the view. However, cause im a lazy ass, i caught the lift down instead of climbing down one of the legs with the others i ended up waiting at the base for like 20 mins alone. In those 20 mins i saw some of those annoying guys who go around trying to sell shitty souviners, illegally of course, get caught by two undercover coppers who snatched them pretty violently. It was fair intresting actually. It was good to see that the coppers do their duty here.

Anyway after the brawl we checked out Notre Dame and had lunch at the same creperie i ate at last time i was over here in paris which was nice. Then we all came back and collapsed into our bed to the news of ted kennedys death.

Well ted kennedy eh? Bout time he died, the bastard. Who cares what he did politically. How he left the girl to die in a submerged car is horrid. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Im off,


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