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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Moon Images

hey all,

just thought id show you some of the new banners for New Moon which have just been released. Therefront than needed for her character, especially when her character is BARELY in any of the books. Gah it STILL annoys me when she gets promoted the same amount as Alice, who is Bella's best friend and a main character. The second banner is of the Volturi with Jane taking up the front. The last banner is of the wolf pack, Jacob in the spotlight, looking as good as ever.




this picture makes none



Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i randomly logged onto my old photobucket acount earlier today and found a collection of old images i had uploaded there! some of them even have me with my mermaid hair! GASP! that means that they're over a year old!

so heres some of them for you to ridicule me about...

heres one of maddy, mark and me taken from the night we saw the beauty and the beast musical that my high school OLMC and marcellin did together...

heres one from radnom fun nights at my place of mark and i...

heres a pic of maddy and me when i first had my mermaid hair cut off...

and heres two random ones of me and my primary school buddy, erica, with some viewbank mates...

they were from a LONNNG tome ago!


Monday, September 28, 2009

The amazing talents of Jae Atkins

so heres the deal kiddos- i have discovered another awesomely fresh and amazing talent in the form of 21 year old, Jae Atkins. i was introduced to Atkins through my awesome twin tash dash, who had become awesome friends with him. because they had become friends i had to check up on atkins just to make sure he wasnt a like... a normal person or something else boring...

upon some talking via msn i discovered atkins passion for music and performing arts and managed to convince him to email me some of his music. atkins then sent me some of his most recent music, 'set alight' and 'this heaven (we're faking)'.

but before i give you the link to his myspace i just wanna tell you a bit more about atkins.

a talented musician at only 21, atkins plays both guitar and piano as well as singing lead and back up in his songs. begining at first as an escape, atkins abilities showed a promising musician to come. after 5 years of guitar and vocal work with a years worth of piano, atkins creates lyrically beautiful pieces with intruiging guitar riffs that entrances the listener. with influences such as pink floyd, queen and nirvana, atkins is fantastic to listen to.

to listen to some of his music and read more about him you can stalk him via his myspace,

hope you find him as wickedly talented as me,


Vampire Cat



Sunday, September 27, 2009

The OC

so in my ABUNDANCE of free time i have devolped a new habit.

watching old episodes of the OC on youku.

no before you all get ashamed of me in my teeny bopperness i feel that i need to explain that i was the generation of the oc viewers. i watched in from year 8 and got hooked on the gorgeousness that was ryan atwood, played by benjemin mckenzie, in all his bad boy, magnificent body and cheeky smile ways. however now that i am rewatching a new character is popping to my mind as being attractive.

and sadly this guy is FILF.

and it is sandy cohen, played by peter gallagher.

his lovely smile and cheeky humour mixed with a do-gooder attitude is strangely alluring to me..

so heres what i ask to you-

have you ever gone and rewatched a tv show or movie and found yourself attracted to the most unlikely of characters? whether they be old or ugly or corrupt? cause i wanna know who else lusts for the random characters....

just think about it...


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


yep.... im weird...


hope u enjoyed it!




ok so i tend to have nerd moments. like when someone mentions buffy or lotr and i go off on a random tangent about them completely unaware of the werid looks im getting given by my audience. but today, i officially became a nerd. how?

i spent 40 minutes talking to a 10 year old about harry potter over breakfast and even missed my chance of having bacon and eggs to continue the discussion.

i am a nerd.

but then again i spose my first name is Sirius for a reason...

anyway ive got to bail to my next class,



Friday, September 18, 2009









hey there Dash!

this is my random blog entry to say HEYYYY to you for reading my blog 3 times a day! i love you girl!



Wednesday, September 16, 2009


and no, this is NOT proof that i have too much time on my hands but merely proof that i utalise my free to time to the best of my ability...



p.s. the hobbits are going to isengard




for your dietry needs....



Christians Clips

hey everyone!

heres me, trying to spread the awesome news of one of my best mate, Christians, amazing music talent.

so i hope u enjoyed the little video of him playing some music he wrote.



Monday, September 14, 2009

Full New Moon trailer

hey y'all,

i gots me a full new moon trailer for your enjoyment.

just dont watch it if you want to be suprised cause it gives shitloads away.

and heres some new movie stills as well that unfortunatly i cant paste on here but ive got you the link....



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

FML i love you

i found this whilst stalking FML....

Today, my boyfriend and I were getting a bit steamy. After a few minutes, he jumps up and runs over to the closet and puts on a long brown jacket putting the hood over to his eyes. He looks me in the eyes and says 'I am Obi Wan Kenobi and I'm going to slay you with my light saber'. FML

fucking best one EVER.



Friday, September 11, 2009

Vampire Blog Entry

please note straight away that the article which i am leaving the link for was not written by me but was another blog entry written by Helen O'Hara from Empire magazine.

this blog entry is a refreshing take on the recent obsession with vampires but still manages to respect the classics (like angel *drools*).

i advise you read it and get the different perspective, although twihards might find it offensives cause yes, Edward is a dirty old man at 108 years hitting on an underage girl. Pedo much? at least angel wasnt pretending to be a schoolboy when he fell for buffy.



Thursday, September 10, 2009

new sickness

now that we're back at school theres a sickness going round.

its horrid. it can give you headaches. it can give u stomach pain. it can give you cramps. it can give you sore legs. it can make your eyes itch. it can make your skin burn.

whats this horrid sickness you ask?

its schoolitis.

now that the little yr 2's have moved out of their junior school and into the big bad world of yr 3's with all the big kids there is suddenly a lot of headaches and stomach pains during the more boring of lessons. its even been croping up in some of the new yr 4 transfer students.

shame these kids dont realise that it wont get them out of their big kid classes. nice try guys, but us teachers were once young too.


For Lincolnshire...

Lincolnshire born,
Lincolnshire bred,
Strong in the arm,
Thick in the head.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Old comic con 2009 photos

ok so i KNOW comic con 2009 was AGGGESSSS ago but when i get bored i stalk IMDB and i came across these old photos of the twilight cast prmoting new moon.

ok now can someone EXPLAIN to me why kristen stewart decided to go to comic con looking like a fucking druggie? seriously, sure she might wanna wear bumming around clothes sometimes, shes only human but when you're appearing infront of a large audience dont you think you should maybe run a comb through ur hair or something rather then having it look like something died on your head and the smell is preventing you from sleeping?

kristen looked like shit, especially in comparison to her lovely co-star, ashley greene who looked amazing in a pink dress, lovely hair and a clean makeup palet. nice work ashley, you look might damn fine!

kristen, your not that hot that you can pull off a mullet,


Sunday, September 6, 2009

you love it...



GOGIRL device

check it out, a new device has been invented that allows women to pee standing up.

its called the GOGIRL and is a relatively small silon device that means no more squatting for us ladies!

heres a vid on it:

the world is evolving people!


bitch bitch whine whine

ok, i know ive only JUST come back to school but ive already got something to bitch and whine about. it all started when i got my new timetable...

last term my time off was stretched over a thursday afternoon. i had off from 12.15 to 10 in the evening which was lovely (please note- though that may sound like a lot of time off it is not for someone like me who works 16 hour days 6-7 days a week and is on call 24/7). i liked my time off arangement cause it meant i go leave school and have fun! this was, however, until my deputy headmaster came to me and said that i was required to complete a random hour of patrol from 6.30 to 7.30 in the middle of my time off. now this kinda cheesed me off cause there was no use me coming back to school for the patrol and bailing again afterwards, it would be pointless. so my time was cut down by an hour and made another 2 and a half hours pointless. though i didnt mind TOO much. i still got to see my boyfriend tom for a couple hours a week and every second weekend. the deal was, however, that i did this extra hour and would be compensated for it in my time off this term.

this has not happened.

instead of having my time off not interrupted by a patrol it has been cut DOWN by another hour and split in two so now i only have wednesday morning off which is completely useless and from 7.30 to 10 on a thursday night off. WHAT THE FUCK. my time off is COMPLETELY FUCKING USELESS TO ME.

they KNOW i worked extra last term.

they KNOW i always saw tom on my time off.

all this pisses me off cause it means i now only get to see my boyfriend, the man i completely love and adore, ONCE EVERY TWO FUCKING WEEKS.

now how the HELL is that fair?!

see even though tom has said he will drive 2 hours every thursday to see me for a total of 2 and a half hours thats hardly fair on him. :(

so im angsty. im pissed. im angry. im upset. and im already missing tom.



so kiddos,

check it out, im back at school! you know what that means...


the reason i blog more whilst at school is because sites that i reguarly visit such as facebook, youtube, porn sites ;) etc. are blocked. as a result i spend obscene amounts of time on blogger, sharing my life to you guys! YAYNESS!

so since im at school my rants begin...



Saturday, September 5, 2009

go to this site!!!

i was o IMDB whilst watching the hugh grant film 'about a boy' and found one of the website you see grants character visiting.


it made me laugh.



Hugos Lincoln Virginity

so last night was a friday. not just any friday, but the last friday before term starts. so katie and decided we would go out into lincoln and steal hugos lincoln virginity. now hugo and i have been living near lincoln since january yet he has never gone out and experienced lincoln nightlife. forshame hugo, forshame!

off we went, katie, hugo and i into lincoln to meet up with one of katies mates, hackney and my other half, tom. after hugo almost getting booted from the first bar for having 'incorrect' ID (it was a bloody keypass) we went on to another bar, got some yummy shots, in return for me and katie kissing i got to watch tom kiss hackney which was definatly hot, then moved onto the walkabout for jagerbombs and dancing! woot!

now there are photos but facebook just got blocked so i didnt get them :( but when i do i shall put some up for you guys!