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Monday, September 28, 2009

The amazing talents of Jae Atkins

so heres the deal kiddos- i have discovered another awesomely fresh and amazing talent in the form of 21 year old, Jae Atkins. i was introduced to Atkins through my awesome twin tash dash, who had become awesome friends with him. because they had become friends i had to check up on atkins just to make sure he wasnt a like... a normal person or something else boring...

upon some talking via msn i discovered atkins passion for music and performing arts and managed to convince him to email me some of his music. atkins then sent me some of his most recent music, 'set alight' and 'this heaven (we're faking)'.

but before i give you the link to his myspace i just wanna tell you a bit more about atkins.

a talented musician at only 21, atkins plays both guitar and piano as well as singing lead and back up in his songs. begining at first as an escape, atkins abilities showed a promising musician to come. after 5 years of guitar and vocal work with a years worth of piano, atkins creates lyrically beautiful pieces with intruiging guitar riffs that entrances the listener. with influences such as pink floyd, queen and nirvana, atkins is fantastic to listen to.

to listen to some of his music and read more about him you can stalk him via his myspace,

hope you find him as wickedly talented as me,


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