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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hugos Lincoln Virginity

so last night was a friday. not just any friday, but the last friday before term starts. so katie and decided we would go out into lincoln and steal hugos lincoln virginity. now hugo and i have been living near lincoln since january yet he has never gone out and experienced lincoln nightlife. forshame hugo, forshame!

off we went, katie, hugo and i into lincoln to meet up with one of katies mates, hackney and my other half, tom. after hugo almost getting booted from the first bar for having 'incorrect' ID (it was a bloody keypass) we went on to another bar, got some yummy shots, in return for me and katie kissing i got to watch tom kiss hackney which was definatly hot, then moved onto the walkabout for jagerbombs and dancing! woot!

now there are photos but facebook just got blocked so i didnt get them :( but when i do i shall put some up for you guys!



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